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transpulmonary pressures and lung mechanics with glossopharyngeal insufflation and exsufflation beyond normal lung volumes in competitive breath-hold divers
technical and physiological background of plasma volume measurement with indocyanine green: a clarification of misunderstandings
aging exercise and endothelial progenitor cell clonogenic and migratory capacity in men
microgravity-induced changes in aortic stiffness and their role in orthostatic intolerance
effects of heterogeneities on the partitioning of airway and tissue properties in normal mice
transcranial doppler estimation of cerebral blood flow and cerebrovascular conductance during modified rebreathing
uncoupling of upper airway motor activity from phrenic bursting by positive end-expired pressure in the rat
oxidative stress contributes to chronic leg vasoconstriction in estrogen-deficient postmenopausal women
excessive heart rate response to orthostatic stress in postural tachycardia syndrome is not caused by anxiety
left ventricular function during arm exercise: influence of leg cycling and lower body positive pressure
chronic upper airway resistive loading induces growth retardation via the gh/igf-i axis in prepubescent rats
sarcopenic obesity and inflammation in the inchianti study
respiratory impairment in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
androstenediol inhibits the trauma-hemorrhage-induced increase in caspase- by downregulating the inducible nitric oxide synthase pathway
muscle size neuromuscular activation and rapid force characteristics in elderly men and women: effects of unilateral long-term disuse due to hip-osteoarthritis
pentoxifylline attenuation of experimental hepatopulmonary syndrome
bowman-birk inhibitor concentrate prevents atrophy weakness and oxidative stress in soleus muscle of hindlimb-unloaded mice
peripheral neuropathy does not alter the fractal dynamics of stride intervals of gait
binge alcohol exposure in the second trimester attenuates fetal cerebral blood flow response to hypoxia
dependence of changes in -adrenoceptor signal transduction on type and stage of cardiac hypertrophy
regional differences in glucose clearance: effects of insulin and resistance training on arm and leg glucose clearance in older hypertensive individuals
intensity of eccentric exercise shift of optimum angle and the magnitude of repeated-bout effect
accessory muscle activity contributes to the variation in time to task failure for different arm postures and loads
effect of acute activation of
microinjection of dlh into the region of the caudal ventral respiratory column in the cat: evidence for an endogenous cough-suppressant mechanism
the effects of training in hyperoxia vs. normoxia on skeletal muscle enzyme activities and exercise performance
airway nitric oxide release is reduced after pbs inhalation in asthma
transfer function analysis between arterial pressure and renal sympathetic nerve activity at cardiac pacing frequencies in the rat
spike frequency adaptation of rat hindlimb motoneurons
decreased baroreflex sensitivity in acute schizophrenia
an estimate of fetal autonomic state by time-frequency analysis of fetal heart rate variability
carbohydrate ingestion augments l-carnitine retention in humans
early onset airway obstruction in response to organic dust in the horse
impact of endurance training on murine spontaneous activity muscle mitochondrial dna abundance gene transcripts and function
higher antibody but not cell-mediated responses to vaccination in high physically fit elderly
short oxygen prebreathing and intravenous perfluorocarbon emulsion reduces morbidity and mortality in a swine saturation model of decompression sickness
estimation of the functional role of arterial pathways to the buttock circulation during treadmill walking in patients with claudication
effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on immune variables in highly trained cyclists
the effect of a myocardial infarction on the normalized time-varying elastance curve
myocyte enlargement differentiation and proliferation kinetics in the fetal sheep heart
effect of denervation on mitochondrially mediated apoptosis in skeletal muscle
atp reduces gel compaction in osteoblast-populated collagen gels
endothelial dysfunction and decreased vascular responsiveness in the anterior cruciate ligament-deficient model of osteoarthritis
developmental signals do not further accentuate nonuniform postpneumonectomy compensatory lung growth
tracheal stenosis: a flow dynamics study
ozone induces clear cellular and molecular responses in the mouse lung independently of the transcription-coupled repair status
sensitivity of the cross-correlaton between simulated surface emgs for two muscles to detect motor unit synchronization
adenosine enhances cytosolic phosphorylation potential and ventricular contractility in stunned guinea pig heart: receptor-mediated and metabolic protection
the acute impact of continuous positive airway pressure on nasal resistance: a randomized controlled comparison
a novel fully implantable multichannel biotelemetry system for measurement of blood flow pressure ecg and temperature
apparatus for measuring rat body volume: a methodological proposition
advances in magnetic resonance imaging of lung physiology
real-time lung microscopy
microsphere maps of regional blood flow and regional ventilation
evaluation of emphysema severity and progression in a rabbit model: comparison of hyperpolarized he and xe diffusion mri with lung morphometry
the spatial-temporal redistribution of pulmonary blood flow with postnatal growth
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