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bicarbonate infusion and ph clamp moderately reduce hyperventilation during ramp exercise in humans
in vivo effects of lipopolysaccharide and tlr on platelet production and activity: implications for thrombotic risk
neural drive to tongue protrudor and retractor muscles following pulmonary c-fiber activation
is the osmotically inactive sodium storage pool fixed or variable?
inhibition of mucin secretion with marcks-related peptide improves airway obstruction in a mouse model of asthma
excitability of human motor and visual cortex before during and after hyperventilation
inflammatory cells do not decrease the ultimate tensile strength of intact tendons in vivo and in vitro: protective role of mechanical loading
residual force enhancement after lengthening is present during submaximal plantar flexion and dorsiflexion actions in humans
exercise affects the gene expression profiles of human white blood cells
cardiac sympathetic afferent stimulation augments the arterial chemoreceptor reflex in anesthetized rats
diaphragm and cardiac mitochondrial creatine kinases are impaired in sepsis
focal warming in the nucleus of the solitary tract prolongs the laryngeal chemoreflex in decerebrate piglets
impaired flow-mediated dilation with age is not explained by l-arginine bioavailability or endothelial asymmetric dimethylarginine protein expression
cerebral blood flow autoregulation in early experimental s. pneumoniae meningitis
effects of intermittent hypoxic training on amino and fatty acid oxidative combustion in human permeabilized muscle fibers
differential sensitivities of cerebral and brachial blood flow to hypercapnia in humans
anticipatory responses of catecholamines on muscle force production
cardiac mitochondrial damage and loss of ros defense after burn injury: the beneficial effects of antioxidant therapy
impact of sex and age on bone marrow immune responses in a murine model of trauma-hemorrhage
modulation of motor unit firing rates during a complex sinusoidal force task in young and older adults
dopamine does not limit fetal cerebrovascular responses to hypoxia
similar acute molecular responses to equivalent volumes of isometric lengthening or shortening mode resistance exercise
ia-afferent input to motoneurons during shortening and lengthening muscle contractions in humans
pulmonary responses to acute ozone exposure in fasted mice: effect of leptin administration
diaphragmatic nitric oxide synthase is not induced during mechanical ventilation
tissue compartment-specific role of estrogen receptor subtypes in immune cell cytokine production following trauma-hemorrhage
effects of progressive and maximal exercise on plasma levels of adhesion molecules in athletes with sickle cell trait with or without -thalassemia
dependence of lung injury on surface tension during low-volume ventilation in normal open-chest rabbits
fiber type-specific muscle glycogen sparing due to carbohydrate intake before and during exercise
stimulation of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus modulates cardiorespiratory responses via oxytocinergic innervation of neurons in pre-btzinger complex
age-dependent changes of airway and lung parenchyma in cbl/j mice
fatigue and functional performance of human biceps muscle following concentric or eccentric contractions
exercise-dependent igf-i igfbps and type i collagen changes in human peritendinous connective tissue determined by microdialysis
intrinsic and antigen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness are the result of diverse physiological mechanisms
effect of endurance exercise training on heart rate onset and heart rate recovery responses to submaximal exercise in animals susceptible to ventricular fibrillation
vigilance state-dependent attenuation of hypercapnic chemoreflex and exaggerated sleep apnea in orexin knockout mice
heterogeneity of responses to orthostatic stress in homozygous twins
association of mitochondrial sod deficiency with salt-sensitive hypertension and accelerated renal senescence
hydrogen sulfide and its possible roles in myocardial ischemia in experimental rats
mechanical response to methacholine and deep inspiration in supine men
detection threshold for inspiratory resistive loads and respiratory-related evoked potentials
strain differences in response to acute hypoxia: cd- versus cbl/j mice
interaction of epithelium with mesenchyme affects global features of lung architecture: a computer model of development
microrna- and microrna-a expression are decreased during skeletal muscle hypertrophy
effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibition on mitochondrial biogenesis in rat skeletal muscle
the role of ascorbic acid and exercise in chronic ischemia of skeletal muscle in rats
maintenance of end-expiratory recruitment with increased respiratory rate after saline-lavage lung injury
effect of long-term muscle paralysis on human single fiber mechanics
gabaa and gabab receptors differentially modulate volume and frequency in ventilatory compensation in obese zucker rats
effects of assuming constant optical scattering on measurements of muscle oxygenation by near-infrared spectroscopy during exercise
early skeletal muscle hypertrophy and architectural changes in response to high-intensity resistance training
acute caffeine ingestion does not impair glucose tolerance in persons with tetraplegia
intensity- and muscle-specific fascicle behavior during human drop jumps
anp signaling inhibits tgf--induced smad and smad nuclear translocation and extracellular matrix expression in rat pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells
downhill treadmill running trains the rat spinotrapezius muscle
a simple technique to characterize proximal and peripheral nitric oxide exchange using constant flow exhalations and an axial diffusion model
visualizing lung function with positron emission tomography
how much is there really? why stereology is essential in lung morphometry
physiological imaging of the lung: single-photon-emission computed tomography (spect)
in vivo lung morphometry with hyperpolarized he diffusion mri in canines with induced emphysema: disease progression and comparison with computed tomography
effects of pulse lung inflation on chest wall expiratory motor activity
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