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inverse relationship between pgc-1 protein expression and triacylglycerol accumulation in rodent skeletal muscle
viscoelasticity of the trachea and its effects on flow limitation
effects of obesity and sex on the energetic cost and preferred speed of walking
calcium-independent phospholipase a 2 modulates cytosolic oxidant activity and contractile function in murine skeletal muscle cells
contraction-mediated phosphorylation of ampk is lower in skeletal muscle of adenylate kinase-deficient mice
relationship between ventilatory response and body temperature during prolonged submaximal exercise
vanilloid type 1 receptor and the acid-sensing ion channel mediate acid phosphate activation of muscle afferent nerves in rats
faster lactate transport across red blood cell membrane in sickle cell trait carriers
isometric resistance exercise fails to counteract skeletal muscle atrophy processes during the initial stages of unloading
rehydration with glycerol: endocrine, cardiovascular, and thermoregulatory responses during exercise in the heat
regulation of hsp25 expression and phosphorylation in functionally overloaded rat plantaris and soleus muscles
cardiovascular effects of epinephrine during rewarming from hypothermia in an intact animal model
impaired hemorrhage tolerance in the obese zucker rat model of metabolic syndrome
long-term enhancement of pulmonary gas exchange after high-altitude residence during maturation
the influence of radial rbc distribution, blood velocity profiles, and glycocalyx on coupled no/o 2 transport
explanation of the bilateral deficit in human vertical squat jumping
exaggerated airway narrowing in mice treated with intratracheal cationic protein
effects of polymorphisms in 1 -adrenoceptor and -subunit of g protein on heart rate and blood pressure during exercise test. the finnish cardiovascular study
serum erythropoietin levels in healthy humans after a short period of normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen breathing: the “normobaric oxygen paradox“
low-intensity exercise training during doxorubicin treatment protects against cardiotoxicity
isovolumic pressure-to-early rapid filling decay rate relation: model-based derivation and validation via simultaneous catheterization echocardiography
minimal role for h 1 and h 2 histamine receptors in cutaneous thermal hyperemia to local heating in humans
myocardial hypoperfusion/reperfusion tolerance with exercise training in hypertension
removal of ovarian hormones from mature mice detrimentally affects muscle contractile function and myosin structural distribution
respiratory loading intensity and diaphragm oxidative stress: n -acetyl-cysteine effects
dominant negative mutation of the tgf- receptor blocks hypoxia-induced pulmonary vascular remodeling
applicability of segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis for predicting trunk skeletal muscle volume
effects of mandibular advancement on brain activation during inspiratory loading in healthy subjects: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
pulmonary ischemia induces lung remodeling and angiogenesis
surfactant replacement partially restores the activity of pulmonary stretch receptors in surfactant-depleted cats
contractile dysfunction and altered metabolic profile of the aging rat thyroarytenoid muscle
increased intramyocellular lipid accumulation in hiv-infected women with fat redistribution
noninvasive in vivo monitoring of methemoglobin formation and reduction with broadband diffuse optical spectroscopy
examining axial diffusion of nitric oxide in the lungs using heliox and breath hold
inhibition of nadph oxidase improves impaired reactivity of pial arterioles during chronic exposure to nicotine
delayed threshold for active cutaneous vasodilation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
adult rats prenatally exposed to ethanol have increased gluconeogenesis and impaired insulin response of hepatic gluconeogenic genes
the kinetics of transdermal ethanol exchange
recovery from contraction-induced injury is impaired in weight-bearing muscles of old male mice
regulation of synaptic vesicles pools within motor nerve terminals during short-term facilitation and neuromodulation
vasoactive mediators and pulmonary hypertension after cigarette smoke exposure in the guinea pig
assessment of left ventricular diastolic function by early diastolic mitral annulus peak acceleration rate: experimental studies and clinical application
deceleration time of systolic pulmonary venous flow: a new clinical marker of left atrial pressure and compliance
platelet count and function at high altitude and in high-altitude pulmonary edema
effect of muscle fatigue on internal model formation and retention during reaching with the arm
elevated blood pressure and cardiac hypertrophy after ablation of the gly96/iex-1 gene
segment-specific resistivity improves body fluid volume estimates from bioimpedance spectroscopy in hemodialysis patients
chronic hypoxia and the cerebral circulation
hypoxic regulation of the fetal cerebral circulation
reactive oxygen species: influence on cerebral vascular tone
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