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gut mucosal damage during endotoxic shock is due to mechanisms other than gut ischemia
a synthetic surfactant based on a poly-leu sp-c analog and phospholipids: effects on tidal volumes and lung gas volumes in ventilated immature newborn rabbits
sigmoidal equation for lung and chest wall volume-pressure curves in acute respiratory failure
effect of hyperbaric oxygen on apoptosis in neonatal hypoxia-ischemia rat model
proliferation, differentiation, and tube formation by endothelial progenitor cells in response to shear stress
age-related changes in the mitotic and metabolic characteristics of muscle-derived cells
hormonal changes in satisfied and dissatisfied shift workers across a shift cycle
effects of bronchodilator particle size in asthmatic patients using monodisperse aerosols
preventing annoyance from odors in spaceflight: a method for evaluating the sensory impact of rodent housing
temporal dynamics of recurrent airway symptoms and cellular random walk
mapping of movement in the isometrically contracting human soleus muscle reveals details of its structural and functional complexity
invited review: role of mechanophysiology in aging of ecm: effects of changes in mechanochemical transduction
invited review: pathogenesis of osteoporosis
invited review: dynamic exercise performance in masters athletes: insight into the effects of primary human aging on physiological functional capacity
selected contribution: aging impairs nitric oxide and prostacyclin mediation of endothelium-dependent dilation in soleus feed arteries
selected contribution: identification of differentially expressed genes between young and old rat soleus muscle during recovery from immobilization-induced atrophy
comparison of body composition methods in overweight and obese children
sleep-disordered breathing, pharyngeal size and soft tissue anatomy in children
upper airway response to electrical stimulation of the genioglossus in obstructive sleep apnea
myofascial force transmission between a single muscle head and adjacent tissues: length effects of head iii of rat edl
o2 uptake kinetics during exercise at peak o2 uptake
relationship between surface tension of upper airway lining liquid and upper airway collapsibility during sleep in obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome
effect of long-term intermittent and sustained hypoxia on hypoxic ventilatory and metabolic responses in the adult rat
effect of gender on bone turnover in adult rats during simulated weightlessness
attenuation of cardiovascular adaptations to exercise in frail octogenarians
change in spontaneous baroreflex control of pulse interval during heat stress in humans
mild renal hypertension alters run training effects on the frequency response of rat cardiomyocyte mechanics
direct assessment and distribution of regional portal blood flow in the pig by means of fluorescent microspheres
exercise throughout 6° head-down tilt bed rest preserves thermoregulatory responses
intermittent altitude exposures improve muscular performance at 4,300 m
toll-like receptor 4 and cd14 mrna expression are lower in resistive exercise-trained elderly women
altered ion transporter expression in bronchial epithelium in mountaineers with high-altitude pulmonary edema
age-associated changes in skeletal muscles and their effect on mobility: an operational diagnosis of sarcopenia
acute pathophysiological effects of muscle-expressed dp71 transgene on normal and dystrophic mouse muscle
effect of nitric oxide on exercise-induced proteinuria in rats
circulating cytokines and endotoxin are not necessary for the activation of the sickness or corticosterone response produced by peripheral e. coli challenge
amelioration of depressed cardiopulmonary reflex control of sympathetic nerve activity by short-term exercise training in male rabbits with heart failure
rho inhibition decreases tnf-induced endothelial mapk activation and monolayer permeability
rapid compressions in a captive bubble apparatus are isothermal
the maximally attainable o2 during exercise in humans: the peak vs. maximum issue
octanoate oxidation measured by 13c-nmr spectroscopy in rat skeletal muscle, heart, and liver
distribution and reproducibility of spirometric response to ozone by gender and age
lung and alveolar wall elastic and hysteretic behavior in rats: effects of in vivo elastase treatment
inos activity is essential for endothelial stress gene expression protecting against oxidative damage
respiratory effects in humans of a 5-day elevation of end-tidal pco2 by 8 torr
high-speed running performance: a new approach to assessment and prediction
impaired leg vasodilation during dynamic exercise in healthy older women
effect of ischemia and reperfusion without airway occlusion on vascular barrier function in the in vivo mouse lung
effect of 8-isoprostaglandin f2 on the newborn rat pulmonary arterial muscle and endothelium
forebrain and brain stem neural circuits contribute to altered sympathetic responses to heating in senescent rats
influence of age and run training on cardiac na+/ca2+ exchange
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