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enhancement of whole body glucose uptake during and afterhuman skeletal muscle low-frequency electrical stimulation
effects of 14 days of head-down tilt bed rest on cutaneousvasoconstrictor responses in humans
speech movements do not scale by orofacial structure size
concurrent exercise prevents high-fat-diet-inducedmacrovesicular hepatic steatosis
preexercise hypervolemia does not affect arterial hypoxemiain thoroughbreds performing short-term high-intensity exercise
biophysical basis for inner ear decompression sickness
focal co2/h+ alters phrenic motor outputresponse to chemical stimulation of cat pre-bötzinger complexin vivo
attenuated responses to sympathoexcitation in individualswith down syndrome
effects of the nasal valve on acoustic rhinometrymeasurements: a model study
muscle creatine uptake and creatine transporter expression inresponse to creatine supplementation and depletion
glycogen availability does not affect the tca cycle or tanpools during prolonged, fatiguing exercise
atp consumption rate per cross bridge depends on myosin heavychain isoform
hypercapnic cerebral vascular reactivity is decreased, inhumans, during sleep compared with wakefulness
measurement of mitochondrial dna synthesis in vivo using astable isotope-mass spectrometric technique
strength training reduces arterial blood pressure but notsympathetic neural activity in young normotensive subjects
power spectral and poincaré plot characteristics insinus node dysfunction
training-induced changes in skeletal musclena+-k+ pump number and isoform expressionin rats with chronic heart failure
physical exercise increases urinary excretion of lipoxina4 and related compounds
contribution of mono- and biarticular muscles to extendingknee joint moments in runners and cyclists
cardiovascular responses to apneic facial immersion duringaltered cardiac filling
acute molecular responses of skeletal muscle to resistanceexercise in able-bodied and spinal cord-injured subjects
gender differences in skeletal muscle fatigabilityare related to contraction type and emg spectralcompression
effect of exogenous growth hormone and exercise on lean massand muscle function in children with burns
different effects on human skeletal myosin heavy chainisoform expression: strength vs. combination training
assessment of upper airway stabilizing forces with the use ofphrenic nerve stimulation in conscious humans
stretch-activated ion channels and c-fos expressionremain active after repeated eccentric bouts
chronic o2 exposure enhances vascular and airwaysmooth muscle contraction in the newborn but not adult rat
mesenteric microvascular inflammatory responses to systemichypoxia are mediated by paf and ltb
dissociation between skeletal muscle microvascularpo2 and hypoxia-induced microvascularinflammation
prolonged head-down tilt exposure reduces maximal cutaneousvasodilator and sweating capacity in humans
prior exercise increases basal and insulin-induced p38mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphorylation in human skeletalmuscle
reactive oxygen species in the plasticity of respiratorybehavior elicited by chronic intermittent hypoxia
muscle temperature transients before, during, and afterexercise measured using an intramuscular multisensor probe
facilitation of triceps brachii muscle contraction by tendonvibration after chronic cervical spinal cord injury
one- and two-year change in body composition as measured bydxa in a population-based cohort of older men and women
peripheral opioidergic regulation of the tracheobronchialmucociliary transport system
assessment of exhaled nitric oxide kinetics in healthyinfants
atp synthesis and proton handling in muscle during shortperiods of exercise and subsequent recovery
contractile properties of rat single muscle fibers and myosinand troponin isoform expression after hypergravity
greater rate of decline in maximal aerobic capacity with agein endurance-trained than in sedentary men
sex differences in human skeletal muscle fatigue areeliminated under ischemic conditions
altered myocardial gs protein and adenylyl cyclasesignaling in rats exposed to chronic hypoxia and normoxic recovery
exercise training alleviates mct1 and mct4 reductions inheart and skeletal muscles of stz-induced diabetic rats
activation among the elbow flexor muscles differs whenmaintaining arm position during a fatiguing contraction
addition of inspiratory resistance increases the amplitude ofthe slow component of o2 uptake kinetics
influence of sleep state on frequency of swallowing,apnea, and arousal in human infants
effect of stimulus cycle time on acute respiratoryresponses to intermittent hypercapnic hypoxia in unsedatedpiglets
intracellular sodium in mammalian muscle fibers aftereccentric contractions
ct-based assessment of regional pulmonary microvascular bloodflow parameters
innovative techniqueslesions of rat skeletal muscle after local block ofacetylcholinesterase and neuromuscular stimulation
genetic models in applied physiologyinvited review: functional genomics in the mouse: powerfultechniques for unraveling the basis of human development anddisease
genetic models in applied physiologyinvited review: hxb/bxh rat recombinant inbred strainplatform: a newly enhanced tool for cardiovascular, behavioral,and develop..
genetic models in applied physiologyselectedcontribution: merosin deficiency leads to alterations in passiveand active skeletal muscle mechanics
genetic models in applied physiologyselectedcontribution: differential role of nitric oxide synthase isoformsin fever of different etiologies: studies using nosge..
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