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flavopiridol administered using a pharmacologically derived schedule is associated with marked clinical efficacy in refractory, genetically high-risk chronic lympho..
combination chemoimmunotherapy with pentostatin, cyclophosphamide, and rituximab shows significant clinical activity with low accompanying toxicity in previously un..
hematologic manifestations of celiac disease
current concepts on the pathogenesis of the antiphospholipid syndrome
clinical relevance of mutations and gene-expression changes in adult acute myeloid leukemia with normal cytogenetics: are we ready for a prognostically prioritized ..
chemokines ccl19 and ccl21 promote activation-induced cell death of antigen-responding t cells
safety and efficacy of risk-adapted cyclophosphamide, thalidomide, and dexamethasone in systemic al amyloidosis
the activity of lenalidomide with or without dexamethasone in patients with primary systemic amyloidosis
expression of livin, an antiapoptotic protein, is an independent favorable prognostic factor in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
intravascular large b-cell lymphoma (ivlbcl): a clinicopathologic study of 96 cases with special reference to the immunophenotypic heterogeneity of cd5
early fdg-pet assessment in combination with clinical risk scores determines prognosis in recurring lymphoma
lenalidomide and dexamethasone in the treatment of al amyloidosis: results of a phase 2 trial
dasatinib (bms-354825) is active in philadelphia chromosome–positive chronic myelogenous leukemia after imatinib and nilotinib (amn107) therapy failure
mk-0457, a novel kinase inhibitor, is active in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia or acute lymphocytic leukemia with the t315i bcr-abl mutation
prolonged pancytopenia in a gene therapy patient with ada-deficient scid and trisomy 8 mosaicism: a case report
regulation of dendritic-cell differentiation by bone marrow stroma via different notch ligands
smad1 expands the hemangioblast population within a limited developmental window
functional characterization of natural telomerase mutations found in patients with hematologic disorders
the extracellular nucleotide utp is a potent inducer of hematopoietic stem cell migration
low rhodamine 123 retention identifies long-term human hematopoietic stem cells within the lin–cd34+cd38– population
a randomized comparison of bypassing agents in hemophilia complicated by an inhibitor: the feiba novoseven comparative (fenoc) study
irag mediates no/cgmp-dependent inhibition of platelet aggregation and thrombus formation
solenopsin, the alkaloidal component of the fire ant (solenopsis invicta), is a naturally occurring inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase signaling and angioge..
identification of a 2-stage platelet aggregation process mediating shear-dependent thrombus formation
tissue factor deficiency and par-1 deficiency are protective against renal ischemia reperfusion injury
the thap–zinc finger protein thap1 regulates endothelial cell proliferation through modulation of prb/e2f cell-cycle target genes
activation of iib3 is a sufficient but also an imperative prerequisite for activation of 21 on platelets
glycoprotein ib forms disulfide bonds with 2 glycoprotein ib subunits in the resting platelet
vwf protects fviii from endocytosis by dendritic cells and subsequent presentation to immune effectors
phenotypic heterogeneity is an evolutionarily conserved feature of the endothelium
thrombin stimulation of p38 map kinase in human platelets is mediated by adp and thromboxane a2 and inhibited by cgmp/cgmp-dependent protein kinase
innate immunity against vaccinia virus is mediated by tlr2 and requires tlr-independent production of ifn-
regulation of dendritic cell migration and adaptive immune response by leukotriene b4 receptors: a role for ltb4 in up-regulation of ccr7 expression and function
human cd4+cd25+ regulatory t cells selectively express tyrosine hydroxylase and contain endogenous catecholamines subserving an autocrine/paracrine inhibitory funct..
differentiation of cd1a– and cd1a+ monocyte-derived dendritic cells is biased by lipid environment and ppar
apoptotic cells induce mer tyrosine kinase–dependent blockade of nf-b activation in dendritic cells
active mac-1 (cd11b/cd18) on dcs inhibits full t-cell activation
increased surveillance of cells in mitosis by human nk cells suggests a novel strategy for limiting tumor growth and viral replication
characterization of a progenitor cell population in childhood t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
promoter snps in g1/s checkpoint regulators and their impact on the susceptibility to childhood leukemia
human mesenchymal stem cells isolated from bone marrow and lymphoid organs support tumor b-cell growth: role of stromal cells in follicular lymphoma pathogenesis
baff and april support chronic lymphocytic leukemia b-cell survival through activation of the canonical nf-b pathway
edelfosine and perifosine induce selective apoptosis in multiple myeloma by recruitment of death receptors and downstream signaling molecules into lipid rafts
stat3 and mapk signaling maintain overexpression of heat shock proteins 90 and in multiple myeloma cells, which critically contribute to tumor-cell survival
hodgkin lymphoma cells express taci and bcma receptors and generate survival and proliferation signals in response to baff and april
relationship of expression of aquaglyceroporin 9 with arsenic uptake and sensitivity in leukemia cells
klf4 suppresses transformation of pre-b cells by abl oncogenes
mitochondrial dna sequence variation in single cells from leukemia patients
rce1 deficiency accelerates the development of k-ras–induced myeloproliferative disease
aberrant transcriptional regulation of the mll fusion partner een by aml1-eto and its implication in leukemogenesis
shp-2 phosphatase is required for hematopoietic cell transformation by bcr-abl
cxcr4 is a prognostic marker in acute myelogenous leukemia
regulation of the arf tumor suppressor in eμ-myc transgenic mice: longitudinal study of myc-induced lymphomagenesis
dynamic posttranscriptional regulation of -globin gene expression in vivo
red-cell icam-4 is a ligand for the monocyte/macrophage integrin cd11c/cd18: characterization of the binding sites on icam-4
increased plasma transferrin, altered body iron distribution, and microcytic hypochromic anemia in ferrochelatase-deficient mice
rapid quantification of naive alloreactive t cells by tnf- production and correlation with allograft rejection in mice
in vitro–expanded donor alloantigen–specific cd4+cd25+ regulatory t cells promote experimental transplantation tolerance
attenuation of phagocytosis of xenogeneic cells by manipulating cd47
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