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association between health care providers' influence on parents who have concerns about vaccine safety and vaccination coverage
heat or eat: the low income home energy assistance program and nutritional and health risks among children less than 3 years of age
reducing children's television-viewing time: a qualitative study of parents and their children
school performance and social-emotional behavior of primary school children before and after a disaster
direct medical cost of influenza-related hospitalizations in children
changes in the use of postnatal steroids for bronchopulmonary dysplasia in 3 large neonatal networks
management and outcomes of double aortic arch in 81 patients
illness and injury among children attending summer camp in the united states, 2005
refined symptom-based approach to diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis in children
atopic disposition, wheezing, and subsequent respiratory syncytial virus hospitalization in danish children younger than 18 months: a nested case-control study
compliance with american academy of pediatrics and american public health association illness exclusion guidelines for child care centers in maryland: who follows t..
public parks and physical activity among adolescent girls
recent trends in waist circumference and waist-height ratio among us children and adolescents
variations in low birth weight and preterm delivery among blacks in relation to ancestry and nativity: new york city, 1998–2002
the association of child and household food insecurity with childhood overweight status
reducing premature infants' length of stay and improving parents' mental health outcomes with the creating opportunities for parent empowerment (cope) neonatal inte..
racial/ethnic differences in breastfeeding initiation and continuation in the united kingdom and comparison with findings in the united states
breastfeeding, sensitivity, and attachment
breastfeeding and verbal ability of 3-year-olds in a multicity sample
growth in 10- to 12-year-old children born at 23 to 25 weeks' gestation in the 1990s: a swedish national prospective follow-up study
chronic conditions, functional limitations, and special health care needs in 10- to 12-year-old children born at 23 to 25 weeks' gestation in the 1990s: a swedish n..
renal outcome of neonatal renal venous thrombosis: review of 28 patients and effectiveness of fibrinolytics and heparin in 10 patients
systemic hyalinosis: a distinctive early childhood–onset disorder characterized by mutations in the anthrax toxin receptor 2 gene (antrx2)
shorter time to diagnosis and improved stage at presentation in swiss patients with retinoblastoma treated from 1963 to 2004
exposure to medical test irradiation and acute leukemia among children with down syndrome: a report from the children's oncology group
poor preventive care achievement and program retention among low birth weight infant medicaid enrollees
hyperinsulinemia in healthy children and adolescents with a positive family history for type 2 diabetes
immunoreactive trypsin/dna newborn screening for cystic fibrosis: should the r117h variant be included in cftr mutation panels
self-regulation of slow cortical potentials: a new treatment for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
the clinical spectrum of developmental language impairment in school-aged children: language, cognitive, and motor findings
hyperglycemia is a risk factor for early death and morbidity in extremely low birth-weight infants
health of children born as a result of in vitro fertilization
national trends in the use of antireflux procedures for children
primary care physicians' attitudes regarding follow-up care for children with positive newborn screening results
slight/mild sensorineural hearing loss in children
should our well-child care system be redesigned a national survey of pediatricians
genetic susceptibility to retinopathy of prematurity
medication errors related to computerized order entry for children
asthma guideline use by pediatricians in private practices and asthma morbidity
diabetes mellitus screening in pediatric primary care
mental health screening in pediatric practice: factors related to positive screens and the contribution of parental/personal concern
childhood depressive symptoms and early onset of alcohol use
primary hemorrhagic stroke in children with sickle cell disease is associated with recent transfusion and use of corticosteroids
recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in children: masquerader of common respiratory diseases
parental rules and monitoring of children’s movie viewing associated with children’s risk for smoking and drinking
the impact of early nutrition in premature infants on later childhood insulin sensitivity and growth
vitamin d status in children and young adults with inflammatory bowel disease
an effective nonchemical treatment for head lice: a lot of hot air
circumcision status and risk of sexually transmitted infection in young adult males: an analysis of a longitudinal birth cohort
school bus–related injuries among children and teenagers in the united states, 2001-2003
psychological problems in children with daytime wetting
cost-outcome analysis of booster seats for auto occupants aged 4 to 7 years
doppler flow velocimetry in the superior mesenteric artery on the first day of life in preterm infants and the risk of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis
effects of a combined therapy of erythropoietin, iron, folate, and vitamin b12 on the transfusion requirements of extremely low birth weight infants
diffusion tensor imaging of frontal white matter and executive functioning in cocaine-exposed children
systematic review for the effects of television viewing by infants and preschoolers
compliance with the recommendations for 2 doses of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in children less than 9 years of age receiving influenza vaccine for the ..
delayed extubation to nasal continuous positive airway pressure in the immature baboon model of bronchopulmonary dysplasia: lung clinical and pathological findings
sleep environment, positional, lifestyle, and demographic characteristics associated with bed sharing in sudden infant death syndrome cases: a population-based study
neonatal hemochromatosis: long-term experience with favorable outcome
fruit juice intake predicts increased adiposity gain in children from low-income families: weight status-by-environment interaction
improved outcomes of extremely premature outborn infants: effects of strategic changes in perinatal and retrieval services
predicting outcomes of neonates diagnosed with hypoxemic-ischemic encephalopathy
the potential impact of poison control centers on rural hospitalization rates for poisoning
outcome at 6 months after admission for pediatric intensive care: a report of a national study of pediatric intensive care units in the united kingdom
validity of parentally reported weight and height for preschool-aged children in belgium and its impact on classification into body mass index categories
acute pediatric rhabdomyolysis: causes and rates of renal failure
exercise therapy as a treatment for psychopathologic conditions in obese and morbidly obese adolescents: a randomized, controlled trial
comparison of the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of a prophylactic quadrivalent human papillomavirus (types 6, 11, 16, and 18) l1 virus-like particle vaccine in ..
the natural history of juvenile or subacute gm2 gangliosidosis: 21 new cases and literature review of 134 previously reported
counseling about firearms: proposed legislation is a threat to physicians and their patients
the national children's study: a 21-year prospective study of 100 000 american children
pharmacokinetics of pyridostigmine in a child with postural tachycardia syndrome
cervical spine and temporomandibular joint arthritis in a child with kawasaki disease
cardiac perforation 6 weeks after percutaneous atrial septal defect repair using an amplatzer septal occluder
diffuse pneumocephalus in neonatal citrobacter meningitis
severe hyperphosphatemia and hypocalcemic tetany after oral laxative administration in a 3-month-old infant
characterization of immunodeficiency in a patient with growth hormone insensitivity secondary to a novel stat5b gene mutation
gastrointestinal tract involvement in langerhans cell histiocytosis: case report and literature review
hypocalcemic seizures and secondary bilateral femoral fractures in an adolescent with primary vitamin d deficiency
pediatric cyanide poisoning: causes, manifestations, management, and unmet needs
definition and classification of negative motor signs in childhood
prevention and management of pain in the neonate: an update
patient- and family-centered care and the role of the emergency physician providing care to a child in the emergency department
evaluation and development of potentially better practices to reduce bronchopulmonary dysplasia in very low birth weight infants
reduction of bronchopulmonary dysplasia after participation in the breathsavers group of the vermont oxford network neonatal intensive care quality improvement coll..
evaluation and development of potentially better practices to improve pain management of neonates
implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices to improve pain management of neonates
development and dissemination of potentially better practices for the provision of family-centered care in neonatology: the family-centered care map
implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices for family-centered care: the family-centered care map
evaluation and development of potentially better practices to improve the discharge process in the neonatal intensive care unit
implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices to improve the discharge process in the neonatal intensive care unit
evaluation and development of potentially better practices for staffing in neonatal intensive care units
implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices for staffing in neonatal intensive care units
evaluation and development of potentially better practices for perinatal and neonatal communication and collaboration
implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices for collaboration between obstetrics and neonatology to achieve improved perinatal outcomes
attitudes of obstetric and pediatric health care providers toward resuscitation of infants who are born at the margins of viability
overcoming barriers to oxygen saturation targeting
standardizing nasal cannula oxygen administration in the neonatal intensive care unit
sucrose analgesia: identifying potentially better practices
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