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drowning in a sea of advice: pediatricians and american academy of pediatrics policy statements
multicenter surveillance of invasive meningococcal infections in children
clinical and education workload measurements using personal digital assistant–based software
assessing postoperative pain in neonates: a multicenter observational study
short-term persistence of high health care costs in a nationally representative sample of children
beverage intake among preschool children and its effect on weight status
antifungal prophylaxis to prevent neonatal candidiasis: a survey of perinatal physician practices
role of insurance for children with special health care needs: a synthesis of the evidence
statewide quality improvement outreach improves preventive services for young children
maternal birthplace and breastfeeding initiation among term and preterm infants: a statewide assessment for massachusetts
the incidence of anemia in an israeli population: a population analysis for anemia in 34512 israeli infants aged 9 to 18 months
association between television, movie, and video game exposure and school performance
serum lactate levels in infants exposed peripartum to antiretroviral agents to prevent mother-to-child transmission of hiv: agence nationale de recherches sur le si..
randomized comparison of nitrous oxide plus hematoma block versus ketamine plus midazolam for emergency department forearm fracture reduction in children
delaying second births among adolescent mothers: a randomized, controlled trial of a home-based mentoring program
increased cerebral blood flow velocity in children with mild sleep-disordered breathing: a possible association with abnormal neuropsychological function
delphi approach to reach consensus on primary care guidelines regarding youth violence prevention
the psychosocial problems of children with narcolepsy and those with excessive daytime sleepiness of uncertain origin
risk reduction for adverse drug events through sequential implementation of patient safety initiatives in a children's hospital
morbidity and mortality of infants with very low birth weight in japan: center variation
prospective controlled study of neurodevelopment in hiv-uninfected children exposed to combination antiretroviral drugs in pregnancy
clinical and genotype studies of cardiac tumors in 154 patients with tuberous sclerosis complex
physical and mental health of mothers caring for a child with rett syndrome
comparison of n-terminal pro-b-type natriuretic peptide levels in critically ill children with sepsis versus acute left ventricular dysfunction
examining characteristics and associated distress related to internet harassment: findings from the second youth internet safety survey
screening for developmental delay in the setting of a community pediatric clinic: a prospective assessment of parent-report questionnaires
cost of outpatient medical care for children and youth with special health care needs: investigating the impact of the medical home
sensitivity and specificity of various tests for the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori in egyptian children
comparison of health care utilization and costs of children with and without autism spectrum disorders in a large group-model health plan
bullying and peer victimization among children with special health care needs
prolonged rate-corrected qt interval and other electrocardiogram abnormalities in girls with turner syndrome
development of hand function and precision grip control in individuals with cerebral palsy: a 13-year follow-up study
comparison of outcome measures for a traditional pediatric faculty service and nonfaculty hospitalist services in a community teaching hospital
adverse events in the neonatal intensive care unit: development, testing, and findings of an nicu-focused trigger tool to identify harm in north american nicus
determinants and impact of generalist–specialist communication about pediatric outpatient referrals
does cause of deafness influence outcome after cochlear implantation in children
primary care physicians' knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to newborn hearing screening
evaluation of resident communication skills and professionalism: a matter of perspective
evaluation of the clinical assessment project: a computer-based multimedia tool to assess problem-solving ability in medical students
prevalence of fatty liver in children and adolescents
the impact of conjugate pneumococcal vaccination on routine childhood vaccination and primary care use in 2 counties
near elimination of hepatitis b virus infections among hawaii elementary school children after universal infant hepatitis b vaccination
randomized, controlled trial comparing synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation and synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation plus pressure support in ..
changing epidemiology of life-threatening upper airway infections: the reemergence of bacterial tracheitis
evaluation of potentially common adverse events associated with the first and second doses of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine
incorporating vaccine-preventable disease surveillance into the national health information network: leveraging children's hospitals
population-based study of the impact of childcare attendance on hospitalizations for acute respiratory infections
pathobiological determinants of atherosclerosis in youth risk scores are associated with early and advanced atherosclerosis
hemodynamic changes after low-dosage hydrocortisone administration in vasopressor-treated preterm and term neonates
comparative prognostic utilities of early quantitative magnetic resonance imaging spin-spin relaxometry and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in neonatal encep..
food-related advertising on preschool television: building brand recognition in young viewers
the influence of head growth in fetal life, infancy, and childhood on intelligence at the ages of 4 and 8 years
emergency medical services system changes reduce pediatric epinephrine dosing errors in the prehospital setting
ultrasound examination of extensive limb swelling reactions after diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis or reduced-antigen content diphtheria-tetanus-acellular per..
the burden of diabetes mellitus among us youth: prevalence estimates from the search for diabetes in youth study
factors associated with establishing a causal diagnosis for children with cardiomyopathy
comparison of the 4-digit diagnostic code and the hoyme diagnostic guidelines for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
payments to children and adolescents enrolled in research: a pilot study
the effects of adult-type hypolactasia on body height growth and dietary calcium intake from childhood into young adulthood: a 21-year follow-up study—the cardiova..
predictors of spontaneous closure of isolated secundum atrial septal defect in children: a longitudinal study
the contribution of preterm birth to infant mortality rates in the united states
achieved versus intended pulse oximeter saturation in infants born less than 28 weeks' gestation: the aviox study
premedication for nonemergent neonatal intubations: a randomized, controlled trial comparing atropine and fentanyl to atropine, fentanyl, and mivacurium
follow-up of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial of postnatal dexamethasone: blood pressure and anthropometric measurements at school age
gestational age and birth weight in relation to school performance of 10-year-old children: a follow-up study of children born after 32 completed weeks
achieving family and provider partnerships for children with special health care needs
recruitment bias in a population-based study of children with cerebral palsy
comparison of a personalized parent voice smoke alarm with a conventional residential tone smoke alarm for awakening children
comorbidity, hospitalization, and medication use and their influence on mental and motor development of young infants with down syndrome
cerebral outcomes in a preterm baboon model of early versus delayed nasal continuous positive airway pressure
cumulative index of exposure to hypocarbia and hyperoxia as risk factors for periventricular leukomalacia in low birth weight infants
the spectrum of valproic acid–associated pancreatitis
no evidence of persisting measles virus in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from children with autism spectrum disorder
the impact of public insurance expansions on children’s access and use of care
panayiotopoulos syndrome: a benign childhood autonomic epilepsy frequently imitating encephalitis, syncope, migraine, sleep disorder, or gastroenteritis
pediatric precursors of adult cardiovascular disease: noninvasive assessment of early vascular changes in children and adolescents
position statement: continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in very young children with type 1 diabetes
report of the tennessee task force on screening newborn infants for critical congenital heart disease
forty years in partnership: the american academy of pediatrics and the indian health service
rethinking well-child care in the united states: an international comparison
pulmonary function assessment in an infant with barnes syndrome: proactive evaluation for surgical intervention
spontaneous hemopneumothorax in children: case report and review of literature
pneumocystis jiroveci infection in patients with hyper–immunoglobulin e syndrome
expression of 4 genes between chromosome 15 breakpoints 1 and 2 and behavioral outcomes in prader-willi syndrome
adverse effects in children after unintentional buprenorphine exposure
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