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human cytomegalovirus ul144 gene polymorphisms in congenital infections
transmission of high-risk human papillomavirus (hpv) between parents and infant: a prospective study of hpv in families in finland
latency-related gene encoded by bovine herpesvirus 1 promotes virus growth and reactivation from latency in tonsils of infected calves
multiple, linked human immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug resistance mutations in treatment-experienced patients are missed by standard genotype analysis
novel assay using total hepatitis c virus (hcv) core antigen quantification for diagnosis of hcv infection in dialysis patients
detection of human influenza a viruses by loop-mediated isothermal amplification
evidence for preferential genotyping of a minority human immunodeficiency virus population due to primer-template mismatching during pcr-based amplification
high prevalence of respiratory viral infections in patients hospitalized in an intensive care unit for acute respiratory infections as detected by nucleic acid-base..
diagnostic evaluation of a real-time reverse transcriptase pcr assay for detection of classical swine fever virus
polymorphism of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (hiv-2) protease gene and selection of drug resistance mutations in hiv-2-infected patients treated with pro..
analysis of replication kinetics of the human metapneumovirus in different cell lines by real-time pcr
simultaneous detection of immunoglobulin a (iga) and igm antibodies against hepatitis e virus (hev) is highly specific for diagnosis of acute hev infection
low proportion of recent human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infections among newly diagnosed cases of hiv infection as shown by the presence of hiv-specific antibod..
evaluation of an ultrasensitive p24 antigen assay as a potential alternative to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 rna viral load assay in resource-limited settings
external quality assessment for molecular detection of bordetella pertussis in european laboratories
multispacer typing technique for sequence-based typing of bartonella quintana
extensive gene diversity in septicemic escherichia coli strains
performance of the new vitek 2 gp card for identification of medically relevant gram-positive cocci in a routine clinical laboratory
synergy tests by e test and checkerboard methods of antimicrobial combinations against brucella melitensis
interlaboratory comparison of pcr-based identification and genogrouping of neisseria meningitidis
comparison of emm typing and ribotyping with three restriction enzymes to characterize clinical isolates of streptococcus pyogenes
rapid multiplex assay for serotyping pneumococci with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies
preclinical diagnosis of african swine fever in contact-exposed swine by a real-time pcr assay
pcr detection of bacteria on cardiac valves of patients with treated bacterial endocarditis
characterization of ermb gene transposition by tn1545 and tn917 in macrolide-resistant streptococcus pneumoniae isolates
first report of vancomycin-resistant staphylococci isolated from healthy carriers in brazil
microbial dna typing by automated repetitive-sequence-based pcr
molecular characterization of diphtheria toxin repressor (dtxr) genes present in nontoxigenic corynebacterium diphtheriae strains isolated in the united kingdom
identification of clinically relevant enterococcus species by direct sequencing of groes and spacer region
characterization of sucrose-negative pasteurella multocida variants, including isolates from large-cat bite wounds
expression and immunological characterization of the carboxy-terminal region of the p1 adhesin protein of mycoplasma pneumoniae
propionibacterium acnes types i and ii represent phylogenetically distinct groups
sequence typing and comparison of population biology of campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni
benefit of hepatitis c virus core antigen assay in prediction of therapeutic response to interferon and ribavirin combination therapy
genetic typing of the porin protein of neisseria gonorrhoeae from clinical noncultured samples for strain characterization and identification of mixed gonococcal in..
evaluation of nested pcr in diagnosis of typhoid fever
evaluation of an accelerated protocol for detection of extended-spectrum -lactamase-producing gram-negative bacilli from positive blood cultures
controlled clinical comparison of plastic versus glass bottles of bact/alert pf medium for culturing blood from children
phenotypic and molecular analysis of tellurite resistance among enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli o157:h7 and sorbitol-fermenting o157:nm clinical isolates
preliminary evaluation of the api 20ne and rapid nf plus systems for rapid identification of burkholderia pseudomallei and b. mallei
discrepancies and interpretation problems in susceptibility testing of vim-1-producing klebsiella pneumoniae isolates
variation of the polymorphic region x of the protein a gene during persistent airway infection of cystic fibrosis patients reflects two independent mechanisms of ge..
comparison of the mycoplasma duo test with pcr for detection of ureaplasma species in endotracheal aspirates from premature infants
infant botulism acquired from household dust presenting as sudden infant death syndrome
how evolution of mutations conferring drug resistance affects viral dynamics and clinical outcomes of cytomegalovirus-infected hematopoietic cell transplant recipie..
molecular epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infections among children with acute respiratory symptoms in a community over three seasons
molecular epidemiology of pneumococcal colonization in response to pneumococcal conjugate vaccination in children with recurrent acute otitis media
sensitivities and specificities of spoligotyping and mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit-variable-number tandem repeat typing methods for studying molecular ..
risk factors and molecular analysis of community methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus carriage
epidemiology of campylobacter jejuni isolated from patients with guillain-barre and fisher syndromes in japan
methicillin-resistant staphylococcus caprae in a neonatal intensive care unit
distribution of major genotypes among methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus clones in asian countries
clonal diversity of metallo--lactamase-possessing pseudomonas aeruginosa in geographically diverse regions of japan
emerging incidence of enterococcus faecium among hospital isolates (1993 to 2002)
clonal spread of a clostridium difficile strain with a complete set of toxin a, toxin b, and binary toxin genes among polish patients with clostridium difficile-ass..
high frequency of human enterovirus species c circulation in madagascar
assessing the serodiagnostic potential of 35 mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins and identification of four novel serological antigens
distribution of the beijing family genotypes of mycobacterium tuberculosis in taiwan
detection and identification of mycobacterium tuberculosis in joint biopsy specimens by rpob pcr cloning and sequencing
dry-reagent-based pcr as a novel tool for laboratory confirmation of clinically diagnosed mycobacterium ulcerans-associated disease in areas in the tropics where m...
utility of mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit typing for differentiating multidrug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates of the beijing family
use of variable-number tandem-repeat typing to differentiate mycobacterium tuberculosis beijing family isolates from hong kong and comparison with is6110 restrictio..
cetyl-pyridinium chloride is useful for isolation of mycobacterium tuberculosis from sputa subjected to long-term storage
pcr amplification with primers based on is2404 and gc-rich repeated sequence reveals polymorphism in mycobacterium ulcerans
multigene phylogenetic analysis of pathogenic candida species in the kazachstania (arxiozyma) telluris complex and description of their ascosporic states as kazachs..
rapid, high-throughput, multiplex, real-time pcr for identification of mutations in the cyp51a gene of aspergillus fumigatus that confer resistance to itraconazole
development of a molecular-beacon assay to detect the g1896a precore mutation in hepatitis b virus-infected individuals
susceptibility of filamentous fungi to voriconazole tested by two microdilution methods
candida orthopsilosis and candida metapsilosis spp. nov. to replace candida parapsilosis groups ii and iii
contribution of (13)--d-glucan chromogenic assay to diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of invasive aspergillosis in neutropenic adult patients: a comparison with ..
aspergillus hyphae in infected tissue: evidence of physiologic adaptation and effect on culture recovery
effect of inoculum size on detection of candida growth by the bactec 9240 automated blood culture system using aerobic and anaerobic media
cryptococcus neoformans isolates from transplant recipients are not selected for resistance to calcineurin inhibitors by current immunosuppressive regimens
activities of available and investigational antifungal agents against rhodotorula species
variable gp43 secretion by paracoccidioides brasiliensis clones obtained by two different culture methods
comparison of a new commercial test, glabrata rtt, with a dipstick test for rapid identification of candida glabrata
association between respiratory disease and bacterial and viral infections in british racehorses
evaluation of the cobas taqman hcv test with automated sample processing using the magna pure lc instrument
the pathogen of frogs amphibiocystidium ranae is a member of the order dermocystida in the class mesomycetozoea
comparison of helicobacter spp. in cheetahs (acinonyx jubatus) with and without gastritis
molecular analysis of malassezia sympodialis-related strains from domestic animals
ability of new aptima ct and aptima gc assays to detect chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae in male urine and urethral swabs
molecular phylogenies of blastocystis isolates from different hosts: implications for genetic diversity, identification of species, and zoonosis
purification of enterocytozoon bieneusi from stools and production of specific antibodies
real-time nucleic acid sequence-based amplification is more convenient than real-time pcr for quantification of plasmodium falciparum
vibrio fluvialis peritonitis in a patient receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
acute hemorrhagic pericarditis in a child with pneumonia due to chlamydophila pneumoniae
multiplex pcr-identified cutaneous tuberculosis evoked by mycobacterium bovis bcg vaccination in a healthy baby
quantitative multiplex assay for simultaneous detection and identification of indiana and new jersey serotypes of vesicular stomatitis virus
first isolation of metallo--lactamase-producing multiresistant klebsiella pneumoniae from a patient in brazil
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