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arachidonic acid metabolism as a potential mediator of cardiac fibrosis associated with inflammation
cutting edge: kirds a gene implicated in resistance to progression to aids encodes a dap-associated receptor expressed on nk cells that triggers nk cell activation
cutting edge: distinct nk receptor profiles are imprinted on cd t cells in the mucosa and periphery during the same antigen challenge: role of tissue-specific factors
the varicellovirus-encoded tap inhibitor ul. regulates the presentation of ctl epitopes by qa-b
augmented lipopolysaccharide-induced tnf- production by peritoneal macrophages in type diabetic mice is dependent on elevated glucose and requires p mapk
a costimulatory function for t cell cd0
tcr activation eliminates glutamate receptor glur from the cell surface of normal human t cells via an autocrine/paracrine granzyme b-mediated proteolytic cleavage
tlr-signaling pathways are involved in kilham rat virus-induced autoimmune diabetes in the biobreeding diabetes-resistant rat
prostaglandin i analogs inhibit proinflammatory cytokine production and t cell stimulatory function of dendritic cells
two groups of porcine tcr+ thymocytes behave and diverge differently
guanosine inhibits cd0 receptor expression and function induced by cytokines and amyloid in mouse microglia cells
- counteracts the regulatory t cell-mediated suppression of human cd+ t lymphocytes
b cell receptor signaling down-regulates forkhead box transcription factor class o mrna expression via phosphatidylinositol -kinase and bruton??s tyrosine kinase
the extra domain a from fibronectin targets antigens to tlr-expressing cells and induces cytotoxic t cell responses in vivo
enforced expression of bcl- partially restores cell numbers but not functions of tcr intestinal intraepithelial t lymphocytes in il--deficient mice
dual assemblies of an activating immune receptor mair-ii with itam-bearing adapters dap and fcr chain on peritoneal macrophages
klotho??a common link in physiological and rheumatoid arthritis-related aging of human cd+ lymphocytes
chemokine-guided cd+ t cell help enhances generation of il-rhighil-rhigh prememory cd+ t cells
the duration of exposure to hiv modulates the breadth and the magnitude of hiv-specific memory cd+ t cells
il-0 regulation by hiv-tat in primary human monocytic cells: involvement of calmodulin/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase-activated p mapk and sp- and creb- transc..
the irem- (cd00f) inhibitory receptor associates with the p subunit of phosphoinositide -kinase
sap regulation of follicular helper cd t cell development and humoral immunity is independent of slam and fyn kinase
thymus medulla formation and central tolerance are restored in ikkc/c mice that express an ikk transgene in keratin + thymic epithelial cells
donor cd+ t cells mediate graft-versus-leukemia activity without clinical signs of graft-versus-host disease in recipients conditioned with anti-cd monoclonal antib..
intercellular adhesion molecule- expression is required on multiple cell types for the development of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
bone marrow-derived hemopoietic precursors commit to the t cell lineage only after arrival in the thymic microenvironment
hiv- trans activator of transcription protein elicits mitochondrial hyperpolarization and respiratory deficit with dysregulation of complex iv and nicotinamide aden..
alteration of the migratory behavior of uv-induced regulatory t cells by tissue-specific dendritic cells
regulatory t cells maintain long-term tolerance to myelin basic protein by inducing a novel dynamic state of t cell tolerance
fcriib regulates autoreactive primary antibody-forming cell but not germinal center b cell activity
disruption of innate-mediated proinflammatory cytokine and reactive oxygen species third signal leads to antigen-specific hyporesponsiveness
involvement of regulatory t cells in the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis-preventive effect of dendritic cells expressing myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprote..
redundancy in b cell developmental pathways: c-cbl inactivation rescues early b cell development through a b cell linker protein-independent pathway
cigarette smoke impairs nk cell-dependent tumor immune surveillance
first glimpse of the peptide presentation by rhesus macaque mhc class i: crystal structures of mamu-a*0 complexed with two immunogenic siv epitopes and insights int..
bcl0/malt signaling is essential for tcr-induced nf-b activation in thymocytes but dispensable for positive or negative selection
promoter region architecture and transcriptional regulation of the genes for the mhc class i-related chain a and b ligands of nkgd
age-associated defect in human tlr-/ function
cdlow cd t lymphocytes that accumulate in the mouse lungs during mycobacterial infection differentiate from cdhigh precursors in situ produce ifn- and protect the h..
identification of cxcl as a stat-dependent gene induced by ifn
oxidized phospholipids inhibit phagocytosis and impair outcome in gram-negative sepsis in vivo
lgtc expression modulates resistance to cb deposition on an invasive nontypeable haemophilus influenzae
matrix metalloproteinase activity enhances host susceptibility to pulmonary infection with type a and b strains of francisella tularensis
targeted antireceptor therapy with monoclonal antibodies leads to the formation of inactivated tetrameric forms of erbb receptors
priming with cold-adapted influenza a does not prevent infection but elicits long-lived protection against supralethal challenge with heterosubtypic virus
coordinated control of immunity to muscle stage trichinella spiralis by il-0 regulatory t cells and tgf-
distinct nkt cell subsets are induced by different chlamydia species leading to differential adaptive immunity and host resistance to the infections
innate immune responses to endosymbiotic wolbachia bacteria in brugia malayi and onchocerca volvulus are dependent on tlr tlr myd and mal but not tlr trif or tram
activation of the mapk erk following leishmania amazonensis infection of macrophages
opsonization of hiv with complement enhances infection of dendritic cells and viral transfer to cd t cells in a cr and dc-sign-dependent manner
the mechanism underlying defective fc receptor-mediated phagocytosis by hiv--infected human monocyte-derived macrophages
vasoactive intestinal peptide balances pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the pseudomonas aeruginosa-infected cornea and protects against corneal perforation
pde inhibition prevents preterm delivery induced by an intrauterine inflammation
identification of genes selectively regulated by ifns in endothelial cells
cd is a key mediator of the transendothelial migration of neutrophils
lipopolysaccharide-induced up-regulation of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells- expression on macrophages is regulated by endogenous prostaglandin e
il- and ido expression by human gingival fibroblasts via tlrs
human c-reactive protein protects mice from streptococcus pneumoniae infection without binding to pneumococcal c-polysaccharide
myd-dependent and myd-independent pathways in synergy priming and tolerance between tlr agonists
ifn- alters the response of borrelia burgdorferi-activated endothelium to favor chronic inflammation
the postnatal maturation of the immunoglobulin heavy chain igg repertoire in human preterm neonates is slower than in term neonates
functional analysis of birch pollen allergen bet v -specific regulatory t cells
monocyte-astrocyte networks regulate matrix metalloproteinase gene expression and secretion in central nervous system tuberculosis in vitro and in vivo
a defect of regulatory t cells in patients with autoimmune polyendocrinopathy-candidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy
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