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alternative translational products and cryptic t cell epitopes: expecting the unexpected
cutting edge: programed death (pd) ligand-1/pd-1 interaction is required for cd8 + t cell tolerance to tissue antigens
cutting edge: tlr2 is required for the innate response to porphyromonas gingivalis : activation leads to bacterial persistence and tlr2 deficiency attenuates induce..
cutting edge: tcr-induced nab2 enhances t cell function by coactivating il-2 transcription
functional adaptive cd4 foxp3 t cells develop in mhc class ii-deficient mice
human mast cell chymase cleaves pro-il-18 and generates a novel and biologically active il-18 fragment
severely impaired clonal deletion of cd4 + t cells in low-dose irradiated mice: role of t cell antigen receptor and il-7 receptor signals
t cells promote anterior chamber-associated immune deviation and immune privilege through their production of il-10
rapamycin promotes expansion of functional cd4 + cd25 + foxp3 + regulatory t cells of both healthy subjects and type 1 diabetic patients
high accumulation of t regulatory cells prevents the activation of immune responses in aged animals
latent virus influences the generation and maintenance of cd8 + t cell memory
lunatic fringe controls t cell differentiation through modulating notch signaling
t cell antiviral effector function is not dependent on cxcl10 following murine coronavirus infection
identification of cellular intermediates and molecular pathways induced by il-21 in human b cells
heat shock up-regulates lmp2 and lmp7 and enhances presentation of immunoproteasome-dependent epitopes
regulatory roles of nkt cells in the induction and maintenance of cyclophosphamide-induced tolerance
dendritic cell targeting of survivin protein in a xenogeneic form elicits strong cd4 + t cell immunity to mouse survivin
viral interference with b7-1 costimulation: a new role for murine cytomegalovirus fc receptor-1
innate cytokine responses in porcine macrophage populations: evidence for differential recognition of double-stranded rna
regulated expression of fc r in human dendritic cells controls cross-presentation of antigen-antibody complexes
nk and cd4 cells collaborate to protect against melanoma tumor formation in the brain
interactions between t cells responding to concurrent mycobacterial and influenza infections
asynchronous differentiation of cd8 t cells that recognize dominant and cryptic antigens
structurally distinct membrane nanotubes between human macrophages support long-distance vesicular traffic or surfing of bacteria
prenatal stress enhances susceptibility of murine adult offspring toward airway inflammation
phagocytosis induces lysosome remodeling and regulated presentation of particulate antigens by activated dendritic cells
treatment of experimental autoimmune prostatitis in nonobese diabetic mice by the vitamin d receptor agonist elocalcitol
defective chemokine-directed lymphocyte migration and development in the absence of rho guanosine diphosphate-dissociation inhibitors and
decidual nk cells alter in vitro first trimester extravillous cytotrophoblast migration: a role for ifn-
local and systemic effects of intranodally injected cpg-c immunostimulatory-oligodeoxyribonucleotides in macaques
cd5-ck2 binding/activation-deficient mice are resistant to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: protection is associated with diminished populations of il-17-..
semimature stage: a checkpoint in a dendritic cell maturation program that allows for functional reversion after signal-regulatory protein- ligation and maturation ..
lysophosphatidylcholine stimulates il-1 release from microglia via a p2x 7 receptor-independent mechanism
functional requirements for the lysosomal thiol reductase gilt in mhc class ii-restricted antigen processing
cross-species dependence of ly49 recognition on the supertype defining b-pocket of a class i mhc molecule
a natural structural variant of the mouse tcr -chain displays intrinsic receptor function and antigen specificity
molecular basis of tcr selectivity, cross-reactivity, and allelic discrimination by a bacterial superantigen: integrative functional and energetic mapping of the sp..
role of scavenger receptors in the binding and internalization of heat shock protein 70
differential ifn- stimulation of hla-a gene expression through crm-1-dependent nuclear rna export
vav proteins regulate the plasma cell program and secretory ig production
small mannose-binding lectin-associated protein plays a regulatory role in the lectin complement pathway
th2 cell-selective enhancement of human il13 transcription by il13 t, a polymorphism associated with allergic inflammation
allorecognition of an hla-a01 aberrant allele by an hla identical family member carrying the hla-a0101 allele
overexpression of suppressor of cytokine signaling-5 in t cells augments innate immunity during septic peritonitis
human - and -defensins block multiple steps in herpes simplex virus infection
-glucan is a fungal determinant for adhesion-dependent human neutrophil functions
nak-associated protein 1 participates in both the tlr3 and the cytoplasmic pathways in type i ifn induction
interleukin-23 restores immunity to mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in il-12p40-deficient mice and is not required for the development of il-17-secreting t cel..
pseudomonas lipopolysaccharide accelerates wound repair via activation of a novel epithelial cell signaling cascade
high mobility group b1 protein suppresses the human plasmacytoid dendritic cell response to tlr9 agonists
human effector cd8 + t lymphocytes express tlr3 as a functional coreceptor
thiocyanate-dependent induction of endothelial cell adhesion molecule expression by phagocyte peroxidases: a novel hoscn-specific oxidant mechanism to amplify infla..
induction of vascular leakage and blood pressure lowering through kinin release by a serine proteinase from aeromonas sobria
inhibition of macrophage migration inhibitory factor or its receptor (cd74) attenuates growth and invasion of du-145 prostate cancer cells
oncostatin m-induced il-6 expression in murine fibroblasts requires the activation of protein kinase c
deficiency of p-selectin or p-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 leads to accelerated development of glomerulonephritis and increased expression of cc chemokine ligand ..
biomechanical signals suppress proinflammatory responses in cartilage: early events in experimental antigen-induced arthritis
lysozyme-modified probiotic components protect rats against polymicrobial sepsis: role of macrophages and cathelicidin-related innate immunity
ship1 negatively regulates proliferation of osteoclast precursors via akt-dependent alterations in d-type cyclins and p27
gram-negative bacteria aggravate murine small intestinal th1-type immunopathology following oral infection with toxoplasma gondii
involvement of the cannabinoid cb2 receptor and its endogenous ligand 2-arachidonoylglycerol in oxazolone-induced contact dermatitis in mice
cyclooxygenase regulates cell surface expression of cxcr3/1-storing granules in human cd4 + t cells
the expression and possible roles of chemokine cxcl11 and its receptor cxcr3 in the human endometrium
characterization of the b cell epitopes associated with a truncated form of pseudomonas exotoxin (pe38) used to make immunotoxins for the treatment of cancer patients
familial nk cell deficiency associated with impaired il-2- and il-15-dependent survival of lymphocytes
aberrant regulation of synovial t cell activation by soluble costimulatory molecules in rheumatoid arthritis
adenovirus-specific cd4 + t cell clones recognizing endogenous antigen inhibit viral replication in vitro through cognate interaction
synergism between cpg-containing oligodeoxynucleotides and il-2 causes dramatic enhancement of vaccine-elicited cd8 + t cell responses
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