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space selection and surveillance: setting boundaries with blys
cutting edge: t cell ig mucin- reduces inflammatory heart disease by increasing ctla- during innate immunity
translocation of active heparanase to cell surface regulates degradation of extracellular matrix heparan sulfate upon transmigration of mature monocyte-derived dend..
monocyte/macrophage dysfunctions do not impair the promotion of myelofibrosis by high levels of thrombopoietin
glucocorticoid-induced tnf receptor family related gene activation overcomes tolerance/ignorance to melanoma differentiation antigens and enhances antitumor immunity
suppression of alveolar macrophage apoptosis prolongs survival of rats and mice with pneumocystis pneumonia
nk lytic-associated molecule involved in nk cytotoxic function is an e ligase
selective export of hla-f by its cytoplasmic tail
functional and molecular comparison of anergic and regulatory t lymphocytes
cervical thymus in the mouse
exogenous and endogenous tlr ligands activate anti-chromatin and polyreactive b cells
conditional ablation of mhc-ii suggests an indirect role for mhc-ii in regulatory cd t cell maintenance
function of liver activation-regulated chemokine/cc chemokine ligand 0 is differently affected by cathepsin b and cathepsin d processing
splenic atrophy in experimental stroke is accompanied by increased regulatory t cells and circulating macrophages
t cells in cryptopatch aggregates share tcr variable region junctional sequences with t cells in the small intestinal epithelium of mice
stimulation through cd0 on mouse and human renal cell carcinomas triggers cytokine production leukocyte recruitment and antitumor responses that can be independent ..
tcr intraepithelial lymphocytes are required for self-tolerance
impact of orthologous melan-a peptide immunizations on the anti-self melan-a/hla-a t cell cross-reactivity
abrogation of functional selectin-ligand expression reduces migration of pathogenic cd+ t cells into heart
a complex of wiskott-aldrich syndrome protein with mammalian verprolins plays an important role in monocyte chemotaxis
cd+cd+foxp+ t cells and cd+cd
macrophage-colony-stimulating factor-induced proliferation and lipopolysaccharide-dependent activation of macrophages requires raf- phosphorylation to induce mitoge..
b and t lymphocyte attenuator-mediated signal transduction provides a potent inhibitory signal to primary human cd t cells that can be initiated by multiple phospho..
regulation of lyd/dap signal transduction by src-family kinases and cd
antitumor activity of the tlr- ligand flagellin in mouse models of cancer
functional regulatory t cells are collected in stem cell autografts by mobilization with high-dose cyclophosphamide and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
differential signaling of t cell generation of il- by wild-type and short-deletion variant of type g protein-coupled receptor for vasoactive intestinal peptide (vp..
lipopolysaccharide-induced il- production by human uterine macrophages up-regulates uterine epithelial cell expression of human -defensin
macrophages induce neutrophil apoptosis through membrane tnf a process amplified by leishmania major
an altered t cell repertoire in mecl--deficient mice
clustering class i mhc modulates sensitivity of t cell recognition
adhesion- and degranulation-promoting adapter protein is required for efficient thymocyte development and selection
degeneracy and repertoire of the human hiv- gag p
il-r gene expression is inversely correlated with cell cycle progression in il--stimulated t lymphocytes
protein kinase c--mediated signals enhance cd+ t cell survival by up-regulating bcl-xl
lymphopenia-induced homeostatic proliferation of cd+ t cells is a mechanism for effective allogeneic skin graft rejection following burn injury
cd stimulation on a b cell activates the phosphatidylinositol -kinase/akt and phospholipase c/protein kinase c signaling pathways
april and baff promote increased viability of replicating human b cells via mechanism involving cyclooxygenase
the combined effects of tryptophan starvation and tryptophan catabolites down-regulate t cell receptor -chain and induce a regulatory phenotype in naive t cells
reduced kirdl recognition of mhc class i molecules presenting phosphorylated peptides
the mannose receptor mediates uptake of soluble but not of cell-associated antigen for cross-presentation
deletion of exon i of smad in mice results in altered b cell responses
phosphatidylinositol -kinase/akt positively regulates fas (cd)-mediated apoptosis in epidermal cl cells
helicobacter pylori caga-dependent macrophage migration inhibitory factor produced by gastric epithelial cells binds to cd and stimulates procarcinogenic events
central role for myd in the responses of microglia to pathogen-associated molecular patterns
the tcr c fg loop regulates t cell development
a role for mapk in feedback inhibition of tcrb recombination
growth differentiation and malignant transformation of pre-b cells mediated by inducible activation of v-abl oncogene
identification of a candidate regulatory element within the
the fas-associated death domain protein is required in apoptosis and tlr-induced proliferative responses in b cells
precursor b cell receptor signaling activity can be uncoupled from surface expression
evidence for a domain-swapped cd dimer as the coreceptor for binding to class ii mhc
development and selection of edited b cells in b.r mice
immunologic consequences of francisella tularensis live vaccine strain infection: role of the innate immune response in infection and immunity
hiv- adapts to a retrocyclin with cationic amino acid substitutions that reduce fusion efficiency of gp
pu. and a tttaaa element in the myeloid defensin- promoter create an operational tata box that can impose cell specificity onto tfiid function
f/0+ alternatively activated macrophages control cd+ t cell hyporesponsiveness at sites peripheral to filarial infection
epitopes derived by incidental translational frameshifting give rise to a protective ctl response
identification of hla-a00-presented t cell epitopes derived from the oncofetal antigen-immature laminin receptor protein in patients with hematological malignancies
mature hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor on the surface of human granulocytes is released by a mechanism involving activated factor xa
sequencing expression and functional analyses support the candidacy of ncf in susceptibility to salmonella typhimurium infection in wild-derived mice
innate defense against influenza a virus: activity of human neutrophil defensins and interactions of defensins with surfactant protein d
maintenance of hiv-specific cd+ t cell help distinguishes hiv- from hiv- infection
stat regulates ifn-- and ifn--dependent control of infection with chlamydia pneumoniae by nonhemopoietic cells
antifibrotic activity of an inhibitor of group iia secretory phospholipase a in young spontaneously hypertensive rats
different stabilities of the structurally related receptors for ige and igg on the cell surface are determined by length of the stalk region in their -chains
decreased capacity of immune cells to cause tissue injury mediates kidney ischemic preconditioning
identification of small heat shock protein b (hsp) as a novel tlr ligand and potential involvement in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis
cytokine-induced hepatic apoptosis is dependent on fgl/fibroleukin: the role of sp/sp and stat/pu. composite cis elements
platelet-activating factor-induced clathrin-mediated endocytosis requires -arrestin- recruitment and activation of the p mapk signalosome at the plasma membrane for..
leukotriene a hydrolase expression in pel cells is regulated at the transcriptional level and leads to increased leukotriene b production
diagnostic and therapeutic potential of amyloid-reactive igg antibodies contained in human sera
the role of noradrenergic nerves in the development of the lymphoproliferative disease in fas-deficient lpr/lpr mice
cxcr and its ligands in a murine model of obliterative bronchiolitis: regulation and function
patients with chronic granulomatous disease have a reduced peripheral blood memory b cell compartment
identical tcr -chain rearrangements in streptococcal angina and skin lesions of patients with psoriasis vulgaris
carriage of drb is associated with increased posttreatment ige levels against schistosoma mansoni antigens and lower long-term reinfection levels
therapeutic induction of regulatory cytotoxic cd+ t cells in multiple sclerosis
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