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cutting edge: memory b cell survival and function in the absence of secreted antibody and immune complexes on follicular dendritic cells
cutting edge: roles of caspase- and caspase-0 in innate immune responses to double-stranded rna
cutting edge: cd t cells specific for lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus require type i ifn receptor for clonal expansion
cutting edge: insufficient perforin expression in cd+ t cells in response to hemagglutinin from avian influenza (hn) virus
limited infiltration of exogenous dendritic cells and naive t cells restricts immune responses in peripheral lymph nodes
bruton??s tyrosine kinase and slp- regulate pre-b cell differentiation and the induction of ig light chain gene rearrangement
antigen challenge inhibits thymic emigration
dna methylation by dna methyltransferase is critical for effector cd t cell expansion
immune complex-loaded dendritic cells are superior to soluble immune complexes as antitumor vaccine
oral nickel tolerance: fas ligand-expressing invariant nk t cells promote tolerance induction by eliciting apoptotic death of antigen-carrying effete b cells
targeted disruption of cd accelerates autoimmune diabetes in nod/lt mice by enhancing autoimmunity in an adp-ribosyltransferase -dependent fashion
insufficient apc capacities of dendritic cells in gene gun-mediated dna vaccination
intranasal vaccination with proinsulin dna induces regulatory cd+ t cells that prevent experimental autoimmune diabetes
selective requirement of p mapk in cytokine-dependent but not antigen receptor-dependent th responses
mhc class ii expression identifies functionally distinct human regulatory t cells
accelerated memory cell homeostasis during t cell depletion and approaches to overcome it
dock is required in t cell precursors for development of v nk t cells
cd stimulation by b (cd)-expressing targets activates human nk cells
dendritic cell differentiation and immune tolerance to insulin-related peptides in igf-deficient mice
conditioning of langerhans cells induced by a primary cd t cell response to self-antigen in vivo
-b-inducing kinase is involved in the activation of the cd responsive element through phosphorylation of c-rel and regulation of its transactivating activity
nitric oxide protects macrophages from hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis by inducing the formation of catalase
direct stimulation of t cells by type i ifn enhances the cd+ t cell response during cross-priming
phospholipase c dosage is critical for b cell development in the absence of adaptor protein blnk
motif inference reveals optimal ctl epitopes presented by hla class i alleles highly prevalent in southern africa
identification of memory b cells using a novel transgenic mouse model
ifn- acts on t cells to induce nk cell mobilization and accumulation in target organs
adaptive islet-specific regulatory cd t cells control autoimmune diabetes and mediate the disappearance of pathogenic th cells in vivo
early growth response gene provides negative feedback to inhibit entry of progenitor cells into the thymus
control of autoimmune myocarditis and multiorgan inflammation by glucocorticoid-induced tnf receptor family-related proteinhigh foxp-expressing cd+ and cd
immunosensitization of tumor cells to dendritic cell-activated immune responses with the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib (ps- velcade)
identification of novel th-associated genes in t memory responses to allergens
engagement of cd outside of the immunological synapse results in up-regulation of il- mrna stability but not il- transcription
selective regulation of il-0 signaling and function by zymosan
coordination of nf-b and nfat antagonism by the forkhead transcription factor foxd
ifn- enhances production of nitric oxide from macrophages via a mechanism that depends on nucleotide oligomerization domain-
differential t cell-mediated regulation of cd (fcrii) in b cells and follicular dendritic cells
wip phosphatase-deficient mice exhibit defective t cell maturation due to sustained p activation
in vivo recognition of ovalbumin expressed by transgenic leishmania is determined by its subcellular localization
stat-mediated signals sustain a tcr-initiated gene expression program toward differentiation of cd t cell effectors
sumoylation interferes with ccaat/enhancer-binding protein -mediated c-myc repression but not il- activation in t cells
nuclear magnetic resonance structure-based epitope mapping and modulation of dust mite group allergen as a hypoallergen
cloning and characterization of mannose-binding lectin from lamprey (agnathans)
expression of endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidases in ebv-b cell lines from healthy donors and in leukemia/lymphoma carcinoma and melanoma cell lines
transcriptional regulation of cd gene expression by t cell factor-/-catenin pathway
the bovine cd family contains group cd proteins but no functional cdd
tlr can directly trigger apoptosis in human cancer cells
novel immunostimulatory agent based on cpg oligodeoxynucleotide linked to the nontoxic b subunit of cholera toxin
the lfa- adhesion molecule is required for protective immunity during pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
targeted immunomodulation of the nf-b pathway in airway epithelium impacts host defense against pseudomonas aeruginosa
enhanced macrophage activity in granulomatous lesions of immune mice challenged with mycobacterium tuberculosis
cpg oligodeoxynucleotides protect newborn mice from a lethal challenge with the neurotropic tacaribe arenavirus
inducible activation of tlr confers resistance to hyperoxia-induced pulmonary apoptosis
stat in peripheral tissue differentially regulates homing of antigen-specific th and th cells
role of ccr in the pathogenesis of il--induced inflammation and remodeling
asc directs nf-b activation by regulating receptor interacting protein- (rip) caspase- interactions
effect of d-alanylation of (lipo)teichoic acids of staphylococcus aureus on host secretory phospholipase a action before and after phagocytosis by human neutrophils
duration and intensity of nf-b activity determine the severity of endotoxin-induced acute lung injury
in vitro activation of cd interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein-specific t cells requires not only antigenic stimulation but also exogenous growth factors
histone hyperacetylation is associated with amelioration of experimental colitis in mice
ovarian cancer cells polarize macrophages toward a tumor-associated phenotype
ifn- primes raw macrophages and human monocytes for enhanced oxidant production in response to cpg dna via metabolic signaling: roles of tlr and myeloperoxidase tra..
contrasting roles for domain of vcam- in the regulation of cell adhesion and soluble vcam- binding to integrin
substance p stimulates cyclooxygenase- and prostaglandin e expression through jak-stat activation in human colonic epithelial cells
a severe form of human combined immunodeficiency due to mutations in dna ligase iv
allergen-specific mhc class ii tetramer+ cells are detectable in allergic but not in nonallergic individuals
human complete stat- deficiency is associated with defective type i and ii ifn responses in vitro but immunity to some low virulence viruses in vivo
monoclonal pathogenic antibodies to the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor in graves?? disease with potent thyroid-stimulating activity but differential blocking ..
identification of novel subdominant epitopes on the carcinoembryonic antigen recognized by cd+ t cells of lung cancer patients
cdr spectratyping analysis of the tcr repertoire in myasthenia gravis
bcr/abl oncogene directly controls mhc class i chain-related molecule a expression in chronic myelogenous leukemia
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