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cutting edge: identification of e-cadherin as a ligand for the murine killer cell lectin-like receptor g
cutting edge: deficiency in the e ubiquitin ligase cbl-b results in a multifunctional defect in t cell tgf- sensitivity in vitro and in vivo
cutting edge: a novel nonoxidative phagosomal mechanism exerted by cathepsin-d controls listeria monocytogenes intracellular growth
cutting edge: prostaglandin d enhances leukotriene c synthesis by eosinophils during allergic inflammation: synergistic in vivo role of endogenous eotaxin
soluble hla-g inhibits cell cycle progression in human alloreactive t lymphocytes
the endoplasmic reticulum is a key component of the plasma cell death pathway
direct costimulatory effect of tlr ligand poly(i:c) on human t lymphocytes
flightless i homolog negatively modulates the tlr pathway
murine mammary carcinoma exosomes promote tumor growth by suppression of nk cell function
potentiation of antigen-stimulated vv t cell cytokine production by immature dendritic cells (dc) and reciprocal effect on dc maturation
critical but conditional role of ox0 in memory t cell-mediated rejection
soluble form of t cell ig mucin is an inhibitory molecule in t cell-mediated immune response
protein expression of tnf- in psoriatic skin is regulated at a posttranscriptional level by mapk-activated protein kinase
tumor-specific cd+ t cells are activated by
cxcr/cxcr ligand biological axis impairs renca tumor growth by a mechanism of immunoangiostasis
protein vaccines induce uncommitted il--secreting human and mouse cd t cells whereas infections induce more ifn--secreting cells
enhanced fty0-mediated lymphocyte homing requires gi signaling and depends on and integrin
splenic dendritic cells induced by oral antigen administration are important for the transfer of oral tolerance in an experimental model of asthma
il- down-regulates nkgd/dap0 expression on human nk and cd+ t cells
cd t cells like cd t cells are triggered by multivalent engagement of tcrs by mhc-peptide ligands but not by monovalent engagement
expansion of functionally immature transitional b cells is associated with human-immunodeficient states characterized by impaired humoral immunity
therapeutic vaccination of active arthritis with a glycosylated collagen type ii peptide in complex with mhc class ii molecules
pregnancy-associated exosomes and their modulation of t cell signaling
human and thymocyte development: tcr gene rearrangements intracellular tcr expression and developmental potential??differences between men and mice
responsiveness of naive cd t cells to polarizing cytokine determines the ratio of th and th cell differentiation
tlr agonists abrogate costimulation blockade-induced prolongation of skin allografts
tec kinases itk and rlk are required for cd+ t cell responses to virus infection independent of their role in cd+ t cell help
cd+cd+ t regulatory cells suppress nk cell-mediated immunotherapy of cancer
brain-derived heat shock protein 0-peptide complexes induce nk cell-dependent tolerance to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
respiratory syncytial virus g protein and g protein cxc motif adversely affect cxcr+ t cell responses
cd+cd+ regulatory t cells inhibit the antigen-dependent expansion of self-reactive t cells in vivo
mr-restricted vi mucosal-associated invariant t cells are innate t cells in the gut lamina propria that provide a rapid and diverse cytokine response
cross-positive selection of thymocytes expressing a single tcr by multiple major histocompatibility complex molecules of both classes: implications for cd+ versus c..
early autoimmune destruction of islet grafts is associated with a restricted repertoire of igrp-specific cd+ t cells in diabetic nonobese diabetic mice
nkt cells and ifn- establish the regulatory environment for the control of diabetogenic t cells in the nonobese diabetic mouse
the nucleotide targets of somatic mutation and the role of selection in immunoglobulin heavy chains of a teleost fish
phosphatidylinositol -kinase functions as a ras effector in the signaling cascade that regulates dephosphorylation of the actin-remodeling protein cofilin after cos..
opioids trigger integrin-mediated monocyte adhesion
characterization of functional oligosaccharide mimics of the shigella flexneri serotype a o-antigen: implications for the development of a chemically defined glycoc..
glucocorticoids engage different signal transduction pathways to induce apoptosis in thymocytes and mature t cells
qa-b and cd-nkga interaction regulate cytolytic activity of herpes simplex virus-specific memory cd+ t cells in the latently infected trigeminal ganglia
immunity and tolerance to aspergillus involve functionally distinct regulatory t cells and tryptophan catabolism
experimental african trypanosomiasis: a subset of pathogenic ifn--producing mhc class ii-restricted cd+ t cells mediates early mortality in highly susceptible mice
respiratory syncytial virus induces tlr protein and protein kinase r leading to increased double-stranded rna responsiveness in airway epithelial cells
dc-sign is a receptor for human herpesvirus on dendritic cells and macrophages
cd+ regulatory t cell depletion augments immunotherapy of micrometastases by an il--secreting cellular vaccine
immunological characterization and antibacterial function of persisting granulocytes in leukemic patients receiving pulse cytosine arabinoside-consolidation chemoth..
deficiency of mannose-binding lectin greatly increases susceptibility to postburn infection with pseudomonas aeruginosa
bacillus anthracis edema toxin acts as an adjuvant for mucosal immune responses to nasally administered vaccine antigens
induction of positive cellular and humoral immune responses by a prime-boost vaccine encoded with simian immunodeficiency virus gag/pol
identification of cross-reactive peptides using combinatorial libraries circumvents tolerance against her-/neu-immunodominant epitope
human macrophages do not require phagosome acidification to mediate fungistatic/fungicidal activity against histoplasma capsulatum
costimulation requirements for antiviral cd+ t cells differ for acute and persistent phases of polyoma virus infection
inhibition of tcr signaling by herpes simplex virus
mimicry of apoptotic cells by exposing phosphatidylserine participates in the establishment of amastigotes of leishmania (l) amazonensis in mammalian hosts
induction of suppressor of cytokine signaling- by toxoplasma gondii contributes to immune evasion in macrophages by blocking ifn- signaling
anti-inflammatory actions of neuroprotectin d/protectin d and its natural stereoisomers: assignments of dihydroxy-containing docosatrienes
fraktalkine produced by airway smooth muscle cells contributes to mast cell recruitment in asthma
corticotropin-releasing factor and the urocortins induce the expression of tlr in macrophages via activation of the transcription factors pu. and ap-
lipoxin a redistributes myosin iia and cdc in macrophages: implications for phagocytosis of apoptotic leukocytes
proinflammatory effects of tweak/fn interactions in glomerular mesangial cells
essential role of mapk phosphatase- in the negative control of innate immune responses
in vitro and in situ expression of il- by keratinocytes in healthy skin and psoriasis lesions: enhanced expression in psoriatic skin
suppression of discoidin domain receptor by rna interference attenuates lung inflammation
deletion of tlr alters the pulmonary immune environment and mucus production during respiratory syncytial virus infection
inhibition of chronic airway inflammation and remodeling by galectin- gene therapy in a murine model
redundancy in antigen-presenting function of the hla-dr and -dq molecules in the multiple sclerosis-associated hla-dr haplotype
effacing of the t cell compartment by cardiac transplantation in infancy
identification of an epitope within human integrin subunit for the binding of autoantibody and its role in basement membrane separation in oral pemphigoid
tlr activation is defective in common variable immune deficiency
allelic variation in key peptide-binding pockets discriminates between closely related diabetes-protective and diabetes-susceptible hla-dqb0 alleles
predicting tumor outcome following cancer vaccination by monitoring quantitative and qualitative cd+ t cell parameters
pretreatment intracerebral and peripheral blood immune responses in vietnamese adults with tuberculous meningitis: diagnostic value and relationship to disease seve..
autoreactive t and b cells from bullous pemphigoid (bp) patients recognize epitopes clustered in distinct regions of bp0 and bp0
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