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signal regulatory proteins in the immune system
cutting edge: lectin-like transcript 1 is a ligand for the cd161 receptor
cutting edge: lectin-like transcript-1 is a ligand for the inhibitory human nkr-p1a receptor
cutting edge: fadd is not required for antigen receptor-mediated nf- b activation
the scaffolding protein cg-nap/akap450 is a critical integrating component of the lfa-1-induced signaling complex in migratory t cells
silencing human nkg2d, dap10, and dap12 reduces cytotoxicity of activated cd8 + t cells and nk cells
cd80 cytoplasmic domain controls localization of cd28, ctla-4, and protein kinase c in the immunological synapse
identification of t cell-restricted genes, and signatures for different t cell responses, using a comprehensive collection of microarray datasets
ligation of cd28 by its natural ligand cd86 in the absence of tcr stimulation induces lipid raft polarization in human cd4 t cells
targeting lfa-1 and cd154 suppresses the in vivo activation and development of cytolytic (cd4-independent) cd8 + t cells 1,
il-21 induces differentiation of human naive and memory b cells into antibody-secreting plasma cells
increased expression of genes linked to fc ri signaling and to cytokine and chemokine production in lyn-deficient mast cells
cd18 is required for optimal development and function of cd4 + cd25 + t regulatory cells
cooperation of invariant nkt cells and cd4 + cd25 + t regulatory cells in the prevention of autoimmune myasthenia
cd4 + t cell responses elicited by different subsets of human skin migratory dendritic cells
retinoid x receptor agonists increase bcl2a1 expression and decrease apoptosis of naive t lymphocytes
identification of specific proteins and peptides in mycobacterium leprae suitable for the selective diagnosis of leprosy
long-term mhc class ii presentation of the ebv lytic protein bhrf1 by ebv latently infected b cells following capture of bhrf1 antigen
protein tyrosine phosphatase regulates fyn activity and cbp/pag phosphorylation in thymocyte lipid rafts
quantifying the contribution of defective ribosomal products to antigen production: a model-based computational analysis
the role of low molecular weight thiols in t lymphocyte proliferation and il-2 secretion
the sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor agonist fty720 differentially affects the sequestration of cd4 + /cd25 + t-regulatory cells and enhances their functional activ..
stabilized -catenin extends thymocyte survival by up-regulating bcl-x l
the inhibitory receptor irp60 (cd300a) is expressed and functional on human mast cells
the cytotoxicity receptor cracc (cs-1) recruits eat-2 and activates the pi3k and phospholipase c signaling pathways in human nk cells
il-2 regulates perforin and granzyme gene expression in cd8 + t cells independently of its effects on survival and proliferation
complement component c3d-antigen complexes can either augment or inhibit b lymphocyte activation and humoral immunity in mice depending on the degree of cd21/cd19 c..
fas ligand induces cell-autonomous il-23 production in dendritic cells, a mechanism for fas ligand-induced il-17 production
disparate regulation and function of the class a scavenger receptors sr-ai/ii and marco
cd43 functions as a ligand for e-selectin on activated t cells
human cd4 + t cells express tlr5 and its ligand flagellin enhances the suppressive capacity and expression of foxp3 in cd4 + cd25 + t regulatory cells
elevated t regulatory cells in long-term stable transplant tolerance in rhesus macaques induced by anti-cd3 immunotoxin and deoxyspergualin
erythromycin differentially inhibits lipopolysaccharide- or poly(i:c)-induced but not peptidoglycan-induced activation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
disruption of lipid rafts stimulates phospholipase d activity in human lymphocytes: implication in the regulation of immune function
identification of immunodominant epitopes of -gliadin in hla-dq8 transgenic mice following oral immunization
a role for tlrs in the regulation of immune cell migration by first trimester trophoblast cells
somatic hypermutation and junctional diversification at ig heavy chain loci in the nurse shark
specific ige determination to epitope peptides of -5 gliadin and high molecular weight glutenin subunit is a useful tool for diagnosis of wheat-dependent exercise-i..
t cell activation-induced crkii binding to the zap70 protein tyrosine kinase is mediated by lck-dependent phosphorylation of zap70 tyrosine 315
sequence transfers between variable regions in a mouse antibody transgene can occur by gene conversion
a role for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in tcr-stimulated erk activation leading to paxillin phosphorylation and ctl degranulation
intergenic transcription is not required in th2 cells to maintain histone acetylation and transcriptional permissiveness at the il4 - il13 locus
functional interplay between intrinsic b and t cell defects leads to amplification of autoimmune disease in new zealand black chromosome 1 congenic mice
mice deficient in lrg-47 display enhanced susceptibility to trypanosoma cruzi infection associated with defective hemopoiesis and intracellular control of parasite ..
defective microarchitecture of the spleen marginal zone and impaired response to a thymus-independent type 2 antigen in mice lacking scavenger receptors marco and s..
activated macrophages infected with legionella inhibit t cells by means of myd88-dependent production of prostaglandins
a requirement for the v 1 + subset of peripheral t cells in the control of the systemic growth of toxoplasma gondii and infection-induced pathology
cd11b + /gr-1 + immature myeloid cells mediate suppression of t cells in mice bearing tumors of il-1 -secreting cells
yersinia outer protein p suppresses tgf- -activated kinase-1 activity to impair innate immune signaling in yersinia enterocolitica -infected cells
cytomegalovirus-specific cd4 + t cells in healthy carriers are continuously driven to replicative exhaustion
e2 of hepatitis c virus inhibits apoptosis
pure lipopolysaccharide or synthetic lipid a induces activation of p21ras in primary macrophages through a pathway dependent on src family kinases and pi3k
helicobacter pylori -induced invasion and angiogenesis of gastric cells is mediated by cyclooxygenase-2 induction through tlr2/tlr9 and promoter regulation
allergen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness mediated by cyclooxygenase inhibition is not dependent on 5-lipoxygenase or il-5, but is il-13 dependent
adenosine augments il-10 production by macrophages through an a 2b receptor-mediated posttranscriptional mechanism
cd8 t cell-mediated lung damage in response to the extracellular pathogen pneumocystis is dependent on mhc class i expression by radiation-resistant lung cells
il-18 induces monocyte chemotactic protein-1 production in macrophages through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/akt and mek/erk1/2 pathways
differential regulation of osteoblast activity by th cell subsets mediated by parathyroid hormone and ifn-
inflammation-induced chondrocyte hypertrophy is driven by receptor for advanced glycation end products
tnf -induced long pentraxin ptx3 expression in human lung epithelial cells via jnk
complement-dependent apoptosis and inflammatory gene changes in murine lupus cerebritis
topical superantigen exposure induces epidermal accumulation of cd8 + t cells, a mixed th1/th2-type dermatitis and vigorous production of ige antibodies in the muri..
aberrant expression of the autoantigen heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein-a2 (ra33) and spontaneous formation of rheumatoid arthritis-associated anti-ra33 auto..
mcl-1 is essential for the survival of synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritis
saliva from lutzomyia longipalpis induces cc chemokine ligand 2/monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression and macrophage recruitment
reduced allergenic potency of vr9-1, a mutant of the major shrimp allergen pen a 1 (tropomyosin)
cd8 + t cell-mediated hla-a0201-restricted cytotoxicity to transaldolase peptide 168-176 in patients with multiple sclerosis
differential expression of alternatively spliced transcripts of hla-g in human preimplantation embryos and inner cell masses
cloning the arterial iga antibody response during acute kawasaki disease
global natural regulatory t cell depletion in active systemic lupus erythematosus
cxcl10 dna vaccination prevents spontaneous diabetes through enhanced cell proliferation in nod mice
immunization with short peptides from the 60-kda ro antigen recapitulates the serological and pathological findings as well as the salivary gland dysfunction of sj..
functional and phenotypic characterization of cd57 + cd4 + t cells and their association with hiv-1-induced t cell dysfunction
expression and activity of nox5 in the circulating malignant b cells of hairy cell leukemia
immunodominance of poxviral-specific ctl in a human trial of recombinant-modified vaccinia ankara
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