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2b4/cd48-mediated regulation of lymphocyte activation and function
cutting edge: critical role of cxcl16/cxcr6 in nkt cell trafficking in allograft tolerance
cutting edge: chemoattractant receptor-homologous molecule expressed on th2 cells plays a restricting role on il-5 production and eosinophil recruitment
cutting edge: polymorphisms in the icos promoter region are associated with allergic sensitization and th2 cytokine production
cutting edge: a single mhc class ia is sufficient for cd8 memory t cell differentiation
both dendritic cells and macrophages can stimulate naive cd8 t cells in vivo to proliferate, develop effector function, and differentiate into memory cells
a helminth glycan induces apc maturation via alternative nf- b activation independent of i b degradation
invariant nkt cells exacerbate type 1 diabetes induced by cd8 t cells
opposing roles for relb and bcl-3 in regulation of t-box expressed in t cells, gata-3, and th effector differentiation
dendritic cells in human thymus and periphery display a proinsulin epitope in a transcription-dependent, capture-independent fashion
transmembrane sequences are determinants of immunoreceptor signaling
ultraviolet irradiation suppresses t cell activation via blocking tcr-mediated erk and nf- b signaling pathways
activation of v 9v 2 t cells by nkg2d
characteristics of nk cell migration early after vaccinia infection
redox equilibrium in mucosal t cells tunes the intestinal tcr signaling threshold
il-21 enhances tumor rejection through a nkg2d-dependent mechanism
rituximab-induced inhibition of yy1 and bcl-x l expression in ramos non-hodgkin?s lymphoma cell line via inhibition of nf- b activity: role of yy1 and bcl-x l in fa..
t cell tolerance to germline-encoded antibody sequences in a lupus-prone mouse
a role for il-27 in early regulation of th1 differentiation
lack of icam-1 on apcs during t cell priming leads to poor generation of central memory cells
signaling lymphocyte activation molecule-associated protein is a negative regulator of the cd8 t cell response in mice
prolongation of sheep corneal allograft survival by transfer of the gene encoding ovine il-12-p40 but not il-4 to donor corneal endothelium
pulmonary surfactant protein a activates a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/calcium signal transduction pathway in human macrophages: participation in the up-regulatio..
proteomic analysis of microglia-derived exosomes: metabolic role of the aminopeptidase cd13 in neuropeptide catabolism
enhancement of dendritic cell antigen cross-presentation by cpg dna involves type i ifn and stabilization of class i mhc mrna
insertion of the dibasic motif in the flanking region of a cryptic self-determinant leads to activation of the epitope-specific t cells
il-21 influences the frequency, phenotype, and affinity of the antigen-specific cd8 t cell response
control of recent thymic emigrant survival by positive selection signals and early growth response gene 1
novel ganglioside antigen identified by b cells in human medullary breast carcinomas: the proof of principle concerning the tumor-infiltrating b lymphocytes
resistance to myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by death receptor 6-deficient mice
specific inhibition of c-raf activity by semapimod induces clinical remission in severe crohn?s disease
expression and function of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor family ligands and their receptors on human immune cells
mhc-mismatched islet allografts are vulnerable to autoimmune recognition in vivo
changes in replication, nuclear location, and expression of the igh locus after fusion of a pre-b cell line with a t cell line
up-regulation of il-7, stromal-derived factor-1, thymus-expressed chemokine, and secondary lymphoid tissue chemokine gene expression in the stromal cells in respons..
a novel fc r-defined, igg-containing organelle in placental endothelium
the role of icos in the cxcr5 + follicular b helper t cell maintenance in vivo
cc chemokine ligand 19 secreted by mature dendritic cells increases naive t cell scanning behavior and their response to rare cognate antigen
coordinate analysis of murine immune cell surface markers and intracellular phosphoproteins by flow cytometry
characterization of the murine immunological signaling network with phosphospecific flow cytometry
erk1-deficient mice show normal t cell effector function and are highly susceptible to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
isoform-specific membrane targeting mechanism of rac during fc r-mediated phagocytosis: positive charge-dependent and independent targeting mechanism of rac to the ..
systemic autoimmune disease caused by autoreactive b cells that receive chronic help from ig v region-specific t cells
exacerbation of experimental allergic asthma by augmented th2 responses in wsx-1-deficient mice
immature cd4 - cd103 + rat dendritic cells induce rapid caspase-independent apoptosis-like cell death in various tumor and nontumor cells and phagocytose their vict..
demonstration of autoimmunity in the tight skin-2 mouse: a model for scleroderma
characterization of a c3a receptor in rainbow trout and xenopus : the first identification of c3a receptors in nonmammalian species
hla-b27 misfolding in transgenic rats is associated with activation of the unfolded protein response
early phosphorylation kinetics of proteins involved in proximal tcr-mediated signaling pathways
structures of three hiv-1 hla-b5703-peptide complexes and identification of related hlas potentially associated with long-term nonprogression 1,
recombinant cd200 protein does not bind activating proteins closely related to cd200 receptor
two major interacting chromosome loci control disease susceptibility in murine model of spondyloarthropathy
identification and bioactivities of ifn- in rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss : the first th1-type cytokine characterized functionally in fish
lymphoid differentiation pathways can be traced by tcr rearrangements
the induction of a type 1 immune response following a trypanosoma brucei infection is myd88 dependent
plasmodium yoelii can ablate vaccine-induced long-term protection in mice
il-10 from regulatory t cells determines vaccine efficacy in murine leishmania major infection
ligation of cell surface-associated glucose-regulated protein 78 by receptor-recognized forms of 2 -macroglobulin: activation of p21-activated protein kinase-2-depe..
heterozygous arg753gln polymorphism of human tlr-2 impairs immune activation by borrelia burgdorferi and protects from late stage lyme disease
ag85b of mycobacteria elicits effective ctl responses through activation of robust th1 immunity as a novel adjuvant in dna vaccine
a soluble factor secreted by an hiv-1-resistant cell line blocks transcription through inactivating the dna-binding capacity of the nf- b p65/p50 dimer
mechanisms of group b streptococcal-induced apoptosis of murine macrophages
immune regulation of protease-activated receptor-1 expression in murine small intestine during nippostrongylus brasiliensis infection
identification of high and low responders to lipopolysaccharide in normal subjects: an unbiased approach to identify modulators of innate immunity
interaction between synovial inflammatory tissue and bone marrow in rheumatoid arthritis
matrix metalloproteinase-8 deficiency promotes granulocytic allergen-induced airway inflammation
protease-activated receptor-2 activation induces acute lung inflammation by neuropeptide-dependent mechanisms
prostaglandin e 2 stimulates granulocyte colony-stimulating factor production via the prostanoid ep2 receptor in mouse peritoneal neutrophils
human airway smooth muscle cells express the high affinity receptor for ige (fc ri): a critical role of fc ri in human airway smooth muscle cell function
heat shock protein-70 mediates the cytoprotective effect of carbon monoxide: involvement of p38 mapk and heat shock factor-1
il-converting enzyme/caspase-1 inhibitor vx-765 blocks the hypersensitive response to an inflammatory stimulus in monocytes from familial cold autoinflammatory synd..
cytokine production by skin-derived mast cells: endogenous proteases are responsible for degradation of cytokines
mechanisms of peripheral tolerance following intracameral inoculation are independent of il-13 or stat6
mobilization of human lymphoid progenitors after treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
morphine withdrawal contributes to th cell differentiation by biasing cells toward the th2 lineage
the selective estrogen receptor modulators, tamoxifen and raloxifene, impair dendritic cell differentiation and activation
altered cytokine responses of dengue-specific cd4 + t cells to heterologous serotypes
cigarette smoke extract suppresses human dendritic cell function leading to preferential induction of th-2 priming
nuclear autoantigen translocation and autoantibody opsonization lead to increased dendritic cell phagocytosis and presentation of nuclear antigens: a novel pathogen..
ccr3 expression and function in asthmatic airway smooth muscle cells
spontaneous immunity against bcl-x l in cancer patients
human bronchial epithelium controls th2 responses by th1-induced, nitric oxide-mediated stat5 dephosphorylation: implications for the pathogenesis of asthma
tnf inhibition rapidly down-regulates multiple proinflammatory pathways in psoriasis plaques
delivery of dendritic cells engineered to secrete ifn- into central nervous system tumors enhances the efficacy of peripheral tumor cell vaccines: dependence on apo..
activation of thymic regeneration in mice and humans following androgen blockade
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