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the magnitude of the association between fluoroquinolone use and quinolone-resistant escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae may be lower than previously reported
determination of the in vivo pharmacodynamic profile of cefepime against extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase-producing escherichia coli at various inocula
effectiveness of ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, or moxifloxacin for treatment of experimental staphylococcus aureus keratitis
tcaa inactivation increases glycopeptide resistance in staphylococcus aureus
nosocomial spread of ceftazidime-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae strains producing a novel class a ß-lactamase, ges-3, in a neonatal intensive care unit in japan
epigallocatechin-gallate enhances the activity of tetracycline in staphylococci by inhibiting its efflux from bacterial cells
anti-inflammatory effects of moxifloxacin on activated human monocytic cells: inhibition of nf- b and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and of synthesis o..
the action of bismuth against helicobacter pylori mimics but is not caused by intracellular iron deprivation
reactivity of platelia aspergillus galactomannan antigen with piperacillin-tazobactam: clinical implications based on achievable concentrations in serum
mercury inactivates transcription and the generalized transcription factor tfb in the archaeon sulfolobus solfataricus
susceptibility of candida species to photodynamic effects of photofrin
in vitro interactions between amphotericin b, itraconazole, and flucytosine against 21 clinical aspergillus isolates determined by two drug interaction models
effects of voriconazole on cryptococcus neoformans
phase 2, randomized, dose-ranging study evaluating the safety and efficacy of anidulafungin in invasive candidiasis and candidemia
candidate topical microbicides bind herpes simplex virus glycoprotein b and prevent viral entry and cell-to-cell spread
tn 2009, a tn 916 -like element containing mef (e) in streptococcus pneumoniae
biochemical characterization of the naturally occurring oxacillinase oxa-50 of pseudomonas aeruginosa
antimicrobial activities of garenoxacin (bms 284756) against asia-pacific region clinical isolates from the sentry program, 1999 to 200
comparative activities of the triterpene saponin maesabalide iii and liposomal amphotericin b (ambisome) against leishmania donovani in hamsters
novel pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model for prediction of outcomes with an extended-release formulation of ciprofloxacin
genetic environments of the rmta gene in pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates
spread of novel aminoglycoside resistance gene aac ( 6 ‘)- iad among acinetobacter clinical isolates in japan
in vitro activities of garenoxacin and levofloxacin against chlamydia pneumoniae are not affected by presence of mycoplasma dna
-galactosylceramide and novel synthetic glycolipids directly induce the innate host defense pathway and have direct activity against hepatitis b and c viruses
interactions between atazanavir-ritonavir and tenofovir in heavily pretreated human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients
antibacterial activities of the cathelicidins prophenin (residues 62 to 79) and ll-37 in the presence of a lung surfactant preparation
high prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among clinical streptococcus pneumoniae isolates in asia (an ansorp study)
ciprofloxacin dimers target gyrase in streptococcus pneumoniae
evolution of resistance to sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in plasmodium falciparum
application of real-time quantitative pcr to molecular analysis of candida albicans strains exhibiting reduced susceptibility to azoles
interaction of antimycobacterial drugs with the anti- mycobacterium avium complex effects of antimicrobial effectors, reactive oxygen intermediates, reactive nitrog..
efficacies of amphotericin b (amb) lipid complex, amb colloidal dispersion, liposomal amb, and conventional amb in treatment of murine coccidioidomycosis
efficacy of oral ramoplanin for inhibition of intestinal colonization by vancomycin-resistant enterococci in mice
in vitro activities of the new semisynthetic glycopeptide telavancin (td-6424), vancomycin, daptomycin, linezolid, and four comparator agents against anaerobic gram..
omp35, a new enterobacter aerogenes porin involved in selective susceptibility to cephalosporins
mutation d30n is not preferentially selected by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype c in the development of resistance to nelfinavir
pharmacokinetics and safety of intravenous voriconazole in children after single- or multiple-dose administration
effects of growth phase and extracellular slime on photodynamic inactivation of gram-positive pathogenic bacteria
effects of efflux transporter genes on susceptibility of escherichia coli to tigecycline (gar-936)
pyruvate decarboxylase, the target for omeprazole in metronidazole-resistant and iron-restricted tritrichomonas foetus
structure and association of human lactoferrin peptides with escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide
phosphorothioate di- and trinucleotides as a novel class of anti-hepatitis b virus agents
short- and long-term effects of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination of children on penicillin resistance
sulfadoxine resistance in plasmodium vivax is associated with a specific amino acid in dihydropteroate synthase at the putative sulfadoxine-binding site
clade-specific flucytosine resistance is due to a single nucleotide change in the fur1 gene of candida albicans
penetration of meropenem into pneumonic human lung tissue as measured by in vivo microdialysis
mechanism of action at the molecular level of the antiviral drug 3(2h)-isoflavene against type 2 poliovirus
complete sequences of six penicillin-binding protein genes from 40 streptococcus pneumoniae clinical isolates collected in japan
effect of erythromycin on chronic respiratory infection caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa with biofilm formation in an experimental murine model
mutations conferring resistance to a potent hepatitis c virus serine protease inhibitor in vitro
efficacy of cidofovir in a murine model of disseminated progressive vaccinia
regulatory regions of smedef in stenotrophomonas maltophilia strains expressing different amounts of the multidrug efflux pump smedef
nosocomial outbreak of extended-spectrum ß-lactamase shv-5-producing isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa in athens, greece
in vitro activity of opt-80 against clostridium difficile
noninvasive optical imaging method to evaluate postantibiotic effects on biofilm infection in vivo
posaconazole therapy of disseminated phaeohyphomycosis in a murine model
salmonella gene rma ( rama ) and multiple-drug-resistant salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium
fitness cost of scc mec and methicillin resistance levels in staphylococcus aureus
genetic basis of erythromycin resistance in oral bacteria
in vitro effects of albendazole sulfoxide and praziquantel against taenia solium and taenia crassiceps cysts
enhanced production of farnesol by candida albicans treated with four azoles
high-level resistance to ceftazidime conferred by a novel enzyme, ctx-m-32, derived from ctx-m-1 through a single asp240-gly substitution
immunopharmacology of cpg oligodeoxynucleotides and ribavirin
molecular characterization of a carbapenem-hydrolyzing class a ß-lactamase, sfc-1, from serratia fonticola utad5
potential new anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 compounds depress virus replication in cultured human macrophages
elvira hsv, a yield reduction assay for rapid herpes simplex virus susceptibility testing
imp-1 and a novel metallo-ß-lactamase, vim-6, in fluorescent pseudomonads isolated in singapore
lack of effect of recombinant human growth hormone on the in vitro activities of antiretroviral drugs against human immunodeficiency virus type
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