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?protected dna probes? capable of strong hybridization without removal of base protecting groups
alternative splicing of alu exons—two arms are better than one
genome-wide inference of protein interaction sites: lessons from the yeast high-quality negative protein–protein interaction dataset
mechanistic consequences of temperature on dna polymerization catalyzed by a y-family dna polymerase
evidence for a functional dimeric form of the pcra helicase in dna unwinding
secondary dna structure formation for hoxb9 promoter and identification of its specific binding protein
angiotensin ii induction of pdgf-c expression is mediated by at1 receptor-dependent egr-1 transactivation
nmr and md studies of the temperature-dependent dynamics of rna ynmg-tetraloops
small rnas encoded within genetic islands of salmonella typhimurium show host-induced expression and role in virulence
c-terminal diversity within the p53 family accounts for differences in dna binding and transcriptional activity
a dna-binding activity in bpv initiator protein e1 required for melting duplex ori dna but not processive helicase activity initiated on partially single-stranded dna
conformational changes of a swi2/snf2 atpase during its mechano-chemical cycle
divergence of selenocysteine trna recognition by archaeal and eukaryotic o -phosphoseryl-trna sec kinase
identification of cug-bp1/eden-bp target mrnas in xenopus tropicalis
a novel g-quadruplex-forming gga repeat region in the c-myb promoter is a critical regulator of promoter activity
isoenergetic penta- and hexanucleotide microarray probing and chemical mapping provide a secondary structure model for an rna element orchestrating r2 retrotranspos..
functional interaction between bases c1049 in domain ii and g2751 in domain vi of 23s rrna in escherichia coli ribosomes
the 3‘ processing factor cstf functions in the dna repair response
unexpected a-form formation of 4‘-thiodna in solution, revealed by nmr, and the implications as to the mechanism of nuclease resistance
from one amino acid to another: trna-dependent amino acid biosynthesis
structure/function analysis of yeast ribosomal protein l
apn1 and apn2 endonucleases prevent accumulation of repair-associated dna breaks in budding yeast as revealed by direct chromosomal analysis
p160/src/ncoa coactivators form complexes via specific interaction of their pas-b domain with the cid/ad1 domain
oxygen-dependent, alternative promoter controls translation of tco1 + in fission yeast
transcriptional regulation of nad metabolism in bacteria: genomic reconstruction of niar (yrxa) regulon
transcriptional regulation of nad metabolism in bacteria: nrtr family of nudix-related regulators
evidence for ku70/ku80 association with full-length rag
dynamics and consequences of dna looping by the foki restriction endonuclease
the effect of sequence context on spontaneous pol -dependent mutagenesis in saccharomyces cerevisiae
phage t4 segb protein is a homing endonuclease required for the preferred inheritance of t4 trna gene region occurring in co-infection with a related phage
identification of cancer genes using a statistical framework for multi-experiment analysis of non-discretized array cgh data
pdz domain-mediated dimerization and homeodomain-directed specificity are required for high-affinity dna binding by satb
lsr2 of mycobacterium tuberculosis is a dna-bridging protein
functional dissection of sirna sequence by systematic dna substitution: modified sirna with a dna seed arm is a powerful tool for mammalian gene silencing with sign..
eukaryotic y-family polymerases bypass a 3-methyl-2‘-deoxyadenosine analog in vitro and methyl methanesulfonate-induced dna damage in vivo
computer design of obligate heterodimer meganucleases allows efficient cutting of custom dna sequences
trace amounts of 8-oxo-dgtp in mitochondrial dntp pools reduce dna polymerase replication fidelity
saccharomyces cerevisiae mus81-mms4 is a catalytic, dna structure-selective endonuclease
epigenetics of a tandem dna repeat: chromatin dnasei sensitivity and opposite methylation changes in cancers
nucleosome formation with the testis-specific histone h3 variant, h3t, by human nucleosome assembly proteins in vitro
larp7 is a stable component of the 7sk snrnp while p-tefb, hexim1 and hnrnp a1 are reversibly associated
phylogenetic classification of short environmental dna fragments
accurate statistical model of comparison between multiple sequence alignments
binding of sulphonated indigo derivatives to repa-wh1 inhibits dna-induced protein amyloidogenesis
human branch point consensus sequence is yunay
magnitude and direction of dna bending induced by screw-axis orientation: influence of sequence, mismatches and abasic sites
empirical comparison of ab initio repeat finding programs
promals3d: a tool for multiple protein sequence and structure alignments
single-molecule observations of topotecan-mediated topib activity at a unique dna sequence
nucleocapsid mutations turn hiv-1 into a dna-containing virus
position effect variegation and imprinting of transgenes in lymphocytes
solution structure of a let-7 mirna: lin-41 mrna complex from c. elegans
requirements for gene silencing mediated by u1 snrna binding to a target sequence
identification of functional micrornas released through asymmetrical processing of hiv-1 tar element
the complete nucleotide sequences of the five genetically distinct plastid genomes of oenothera, subsection oenothera : i. sequence evaluation and plastome evolution
towards a molecular dynamics consensus view of b-dna flexibility
specificity of dna microarray hybridization: characterization, effectors and approaches for data correction
parts: probabilistic alignment for rna joint secondary structure prediction
molecular dissection of mrna poly(a) tail length control in yeast
an upstream open reading frame within an ires controls expression of a specific vegf-a isoform
snp panel identification assay (spia): a genetic-based assay for the identification of cell lines
highly cost-efficient genome-wide association studies using dna pools and dense snp arrays
enzymatic signal amplification of molecular beacons for sensitive dna detection
elevated -synuclein mrna levels in individual uv-laser-microdissected dopaminergic substantia nigra neurons in idiopathic parkinson‘s disease
high-resolution array comparative genomic hybridization of single micrometastatic tumor cells
labeling of unique sequences in double-stranded dna at sites of vicinal nicks generated by nicking endonucleases
wuhmm: a robust algorithm to detect dna copy number variation using long oligonucleotide microarray data
sensitive melting analysis after real time- methylation specific pcr (smart-msp): high-throughput and probe-free quantitative dna methylation detection
positional gene enrichment analysis of gene sets for high-resolution identification of overrepresented chromosomal regions
generation of 0 cells utilizing a mitochondrially targeted restriction endonuclease and comparative analyses
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