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azt resistance of simian foamy virus reverse transcriptase is based on the excision of aztmp in the presence of atp
mutation adjacent to the active site tyrosine can enhance dna cleavage and cell killing by the toprim gly to ser mutant of bacterial topoisomerase i
hu binds and folds single-stranded dna
role of poly (a) tail as an identity element for mrna nuclear export
atr protects the genome against cgg·ccg-repeat expansion in fragile x premutation mice
cordycepin-hypersensitive growth links elevated polyphosphate levels to inhibition of poly(a) polymerase in saccharomyces cerevisiae
rho-independent transcription terminators inhibit rnase p processing of the secg leuu and mett trna polycistronic transcripts in escherichia coli
indirect readout in drug-dna recognition: role of sequence-dependent dna conformation
intracellular expression profiles measured by real-time pcr tomography in the xenopus laevis oocyte
the n-terminal domain of twinkle contributes to single-stranded dna binding and dna helicase activities
dna tape measurements of arac
the leu22pro tumor-associated variant of dna polymerase beta is drp lyase deficient
transcription of satellite iii non-coding rnas is a general stress response in human cells
retinoic acid modulates chromatin to potentiate tumor necrosis factor alpha signaling on the dif2 promoter
structure of discontinuities in kinetoplast dna-associated minicircles during s phase in crithidia fasciculata
magnesium-binding studies reveal fundamental differences between closely related rna triphosphatases
chromatin-associated hmg-17 is a major regulator of homeodomain transcription factor activity modulated by wnt/β-catenin signaling
the formation pathway of tetramolecular g-quadruplexes
repair of dna double-strand breaks within the (gaa?ttc) n sequence results in frequent deletion of the triplet-repeat sequence
interplay of ion binding and attraction in dna condensed by multivalent cations
atr-dependent pathways control hexo1 stability in response to stalled forks
mechanisms of covalent self-assembly of the azoarcus ribozyme from four fragment oligonucleotides
the rna-dependent rna polymerase essential for post-transcriptional gene silencing in neurospora crassa interacts with replication protein a
the dual control of tfiib recruitment by nc2 is gene specific
alternative splicing and protein structure evolution
regulating gene expression in human leukemia cells using light-activated oligodeoxynucleotides
n -formylation of lysine is a widespread post-translational modification of nuclear proteins occurring at residues involved in regulation of chromatin function
identifying foldable regions in protein sequence from the hydrophobic signal
the interaction of mammalian mitochondrial translational initiation factor 3 with ribosomes: evolution of terminal extensions in if3 mt
overlapping activator sequences determined for two oppositely oriented promoters in halophilic archaea
escherichia coli low-copy-number plasmid r1 centromere parc forms a u-shaped complex with its binding protein parr
nuclear rna export factor 7 is localized in processing bodies and neuronal rna granules through interactions with shuttling hnrnps
the yeast ribosome synthesis factor emg1 is a novel member of the superfamily of alpha/beta knot fold methyltransferases
efficient sirna selection using hybridization thermodynamics
functional endogenous line-1 retrotransposons are expressed and mobilized in rat chloroleukemia cells
epstein–barr virus-encoded microrna mir-bart2 down-regulates the viral dna polymerase balf
structure–function analysis of the rna polymerase cleft loops elucidates initial transcription, dna unwinding and rna displacement
dna polymerase kappa produces interrupted mutations and displays polar pausing within mononucleotide microsatellite sequences
studies on the mechanism of inhibition of bacterial ribonuclease p by aminoglycoside derivatives
uracil recognition by replicative dna polymerases is limited to the archaea, not occurring with bacteria and eukarya
rna chaperoning and intrinsic disorder in the core proteins of flaviviridae
ab initio thermodynamic modeling of distal multisite transcription regulation
developmentally regulated cleavage of trnas in the bacterium streptomyces coelicolor
oxidation of single-stranded oligonucleotides by carbonate radical anions: generating intrastrand cross-links between guanine and thymine bases separated by cytosines
comprehensive comparison of the interaction of the e2 master regulator with its cognate target dna sites in 73 human papillomavirus types by sequence statistics
site specific phosphorylation of yeast rna polymerase i
impaired function of the phage-type rna polymerase rpotp in transcription of chloroplast genes is compensated by a second phage-type rna polymerase
genome-wide tracking of unmethylated dna alu repeats in normal and cancer cells
erk is a novel regulatory kinase for poly(a) polymerase
the u1, u2 and u5 snrnas crosslink to the 5‘ exon during yeast pre-mrna splicing
modulation of utrophin a mrna stability in fast versus slow muscles via an au-rich element and calcineurin signaling
analysis of intermolecular base pair formation of prohead rna of the phage ø29 dna packaging motor using nmr spectroscopy
solution structures of 2 : 1 and 1 : 1 dna polymerase–dna complexes probed by ultracentrifugation and small-angle x-ray scattering
diversity of preferred nucleotide sequences around the translation initiation codon in eukaryote genomes
dlx2 homeobox gene transcriptional regulation of trkb neurotrophin receptor expression during mouse retinal development
probing dynamics of hiv-1 nucleocapsid protein/target hexanucleotide complexes by 2-aminopurine
what drives the binding of minor groove-directed ligands to dna hairpins?
human pcf11 enhances degradation of rna polymerase ii-associated nascent rna and transcriptional termination
differentiation-dependent lysine 4 acetylation enhances mef2c binding to dna in skeletal muscle cells
red flag on the white reporter: a versatile insulator abuts the white gene in drosophila and is omnipresent in mini-white constructs
tetrameric restriction enzymes: expansion to the giy-yig nuclease family
structure-function analysis of the rna helicase maleless
creating a ribonuclease t-tat that preferentially recognizes and hydrolyzes hiv-1 tar rna in vitro and in vivo
2‘-methylseleno-modified oligoribonucleotides for x-ray crystallography synthesized by the ace rna solid-phase approach
targeted induction of meiotic double-strand breaks reveals chromosomal domain-dependent regulation of spo11 and interactions among potential sites of meiotic recomb..
interaction of human trna-dihydrouridine synthase-2 with interferon-induced protein kinase pkr
use of a multi-thermal washer for dna microarrays simplifies probe design and gives robust genotyping assays
model-based variance-stabilizing transformation for illumina microarray data
gene ontology annotation quality analysis in model eukaryotes
identification of cancer genes using a statistical framework for multiexperiment analysis of nondiscretized array cgh data
quantitative telomeric overhang determination using a double-strand specific nuclease
µchip—a rapid micro chromatin immunoprecipitation assay for small cell samples and biopsies
microplate-based chromatin immunoprecipitation method, matrix chip: a platform to study signaling of complex genomic events
short-hairpin rnas synthesized by t7 phage polymerase do not induce interferon
pap-lmpcr for improved, allele-specific footprinting and automated chromatin fine structure analysis
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