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mechanisms of p/caf auto-acetylation
functional characterization of cis- and trans-regulatory elements involved in expression of phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase
functional conservation between members of an ancient duplicated transcription factor family, lsf/grainyhead
divalent metal-dependent catalysis and cleavage specificity of csp41, a chloroplast endoribonuclease belonging to the short chain dehydrogenase/reductase superfamily
solution structure of the hiv-1 frameshift inducing stem-loop rna
fep1 represses expression of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe siderophore-iron transport system
transposases are responsible for the target specificity of is1397 and iskpn1 for two different types of palindromic units (pus)
intracellular mrna cleavage by 3‘ trnase under the direction of 2‘-o-methyl rna heptamers
mutagenesis of a light-regulated psba intron reveals the importance of efficient splicing for photosynthetic growth
yeast recombination pathways triggered by topoisomerase ii-mediated dna breaks
the human genome contains many types of chimeric retrogenes generated through in vivo rna recombination
structural and functional homology between the rnapi subunits a14/a43 and the archaeal rnap subunits e/f
structural diversification and neo-functionalization during floral mads-box gene evolution by c-terminal frameshift mutations
hydropathic analysis of the free energy differences in anthracycline antibiotic binding to dna
the activity of sirna in mammalian cells is related to structural target accessibility: a comparison with antisense oligonucleotides
spurious spatial periodicity of co-expression in microarray data due to printing design
dna polymerase iii subunit ties single-stranded dna binding protein to the bacterial replication machinery
lack of sugar discrimination by human pol µ requires a single glycine residue
microenvironment analysis and identification of magnesium binding sites in rna
the synthesis of oligoribonucleotides containing n6-alkyladenosines and 2-methylthio-n6-alkyladenosines via post-synthetic modification of precursor oligomers
the thermodynamic stability of rna duplexes and hairpins containing n6-alkyladenosines and 2-methylthio-n6-alkyladenosines
double-stranded rna-mediated gene silencing in fission yeast
global methylation screening in the arabidopsis thaliana and mus musculus genome: applications of virtual image restriction landmark genomic scanning (vi-rlgs)
oligoamine-acridine conjugates for promotion of gap-selective dna hydrolysis by ce(iv)/edta complex
evolutionary clues to dna polymerase iii ß clamp structural mechanisms
transcription increases multiple spontaneous point mutations in salmonella enterica
low ph enhances sp1 dna binding activity and interaction with tbp
patterns of sequence conservation at termini of long terminal repeat (ltr) retrotransposons and dna transposons in the human genome: lessons from phage mu
roles of saccharomyces cerevisiae dna polymerases pol and pol in response to irradiation by simulated sunlight
the computational analysis of scientific literature to define and recognize gene expression clusters
identification, characterization and molecular phylogeny of u12-dependent introns in the arabidopsis thaliana genome
repair of clustered uracil dna damages in escherichia coli
the erv-9 ltr enhancer is not blocked by the hs5 insulator and synthesizes through the hs5 site non-coding, long rnas that regulate ltr enhancer function
the essential transcription factor reb1p interacts with the clb2 uas outside of the g2/m control region
controlling nucleic acid secondary structure by intercalation: effects of dna strand length on coralyne-driven duplex disproportionation
the quakingviable mutation affects qki mrna expression specifically in myelin-producing cells of the nervous system
structural details (kinks and non- conformations) in transmembrane helices are intrahelically determined and can be predicted by sequence pattern descriptors
protein families and tribes in genome sequence space
computational identification of protein coding potential of conserved sequence tags through cross-species evolutionary analysis
retrotransposon-mediated restoration of chlorella telomeres: accumulation of zepp retrotransposons at termini of newly formed minichromosomes
functional similarity of knirps ctbp-dependent and ctbp-independent transcriptional repressor activities
correcting errors in shotgun sequences
repairing the sickle cell mutation. ii. effect of psoralen linker length on specificity of formation and yield of third strand-directed photoproducts with the mutan..
repairing the sickle cell mutation. iii. effect of irradiation wavelength on the specificity and type of photoproduct formed by a 3‘-terminal psoralen on a third s..
identification and analysis of extended -10 promoters in escherichia coli
rpb7 subunit of rna polymerase ii interacts with an rna-binding protein involved in processing of transcripts
insertion of the t3 dna polymerase thioredoxin binding domain enhances the processivity and fidelity of taq dna polymerase
probing the substrate specificity of escherichia coli rnase e using a novel oligonucleotide-based assay
regulation of tcf ets-domain transcription factors by helix-loop-helix motifs
a yeast knockout strain to discriminate between active and inactive trna molecules
identifying the methyltransferases for m5u747 and m5u1939 in 23s rrna using maldi mass spectrometry
nmr study on the interaction between rpa and dna decamer containing cis-syn cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer in the presence of xpa: implication for damage verification..
rna structure comparison, motif search and discovery using a reduced representation of rna conformational space
molecular handcuffing of the relaxosome at the origin of conjugative transfer of the plasmid r116
efficient incorporation of positively charged 2‘, 3‘-dideoxynucleoside-5‘-triphosphates by dna polymerases and their application in direct-load dna sequencing
cell cycle arrest and apoptosis provoked by uv radiation-induced dna damage are transcriptionally highly divergent responses
two protein-protein interaction sites on the spliceosome-associated human cyclophilin cyph
methylation of cpg dinucleotides in the open reading frame of a testicular germ cell-specific intronless gene, tact1/actl7b, represses its expression in somatic cells
apoptin protein multimers form distinct higher-order nucleoprotein complexes with dna
structures of escherichia coli dna mismatch repair enzyme muts in complex with different mismatches: a common recognition mode for diverse substrates
the bacterial transposon tn7 causes premature polyadenylation of mrna in eukaryotic organisms: tagko mutagenesis in filamentous fungi
large scale study of protein domain distribution in the context of alternative splicing
alterations in the intracellular level of a protein subunit of human rnase p affect processing of trna precursors
zinc finger-dependent hiv-1 nucleocapsid protein-tar rna interactions
the sequence and analysis of trypanosoma brucei chromosome ii
the dna sequence of chromosome i of an african trypanosome: gene content, chromosome organisation, recombination and polymorphism
adar2 ai editing: site selectivity and editing efficiency are separate events
role of cysteine amino acid residues on the rna binding activity of human thymidylate synthase
biochemical analysis of components of the pre-replication complex of archaeoglobus fulgidus
sequence-structure-function relationships of tgs1, the yeast snrna/snorna cap hypermethylase
single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) that map to gaps in the human snp map
cloning, functional analysis and post-transcriptional regulation of a type ii dna topoisomerase from leishmania infantum. a new potential target for anti-parasite d..
an important role for runx3 in human l1 transcription and retrotransposition
alanine-scanning mutagenesis of the predicted rrna-binding domain of ermc‘ redefines the substrate-binding site and suggests a model for protein-rna interactions
characterisation of the substrate specificity of homogeneous vaccinia virus uracil-dna glycosylase
establishment of conditional vectors for hairpin sirna knockdowns
highly stable and efficient mrna templates for mrna-protein fusions and c-terminally labeled proteins
fast and accurate determination of sites along the fut2 in vitro transcript that are accessible to antisense oligonucleotides by application of secondary structure ..
a simple two-step, hit and fix method to generate subtle mutations in bacs using short denatured pcr fragments
combination of overlapping bacterial artificial chromosomes by a two-step recombinogenic engineering method
general plasmids for producing rna in vitro transcripts with homogeneous ends
development of a rapid, small-scale dna repair assay for use on clinical samples
parallel competition analysis of saccharomyces cerevisiae strains differing by a single base using polymerase colonies
stable and heritable gene silencing in the malaria vector anopheles stephensi
induction of cre recombinase activity using modified androgen receptor ligand binding domains: a sensitive assay for ligand-receptor interactions
impact of surface chemistry and blocking strategies on dna microarrays
dendrimeric coating of glass slides for sensitive dna microarrays analysis
gene expression analysis using single molecule detection
combination of dna-directed immobilization and immuno-pcr: very sensitive antigen detection by means of self-assembled dna-protein conjugates
method to protect a targeted amino acid residue during random mutagenesis
detection of methylation of human p16ink4a gene 5‘-cpg islands by electrochemical method coupled with linker-pcr
mathematics of quantitative kinetic pcr and the application of standard curves
a sensitive transcriptome analysis method that can detect unknown transcripts
restriction site tagged (rst) microarrays: a novel technique to study the species composition of complex microbial systems
a model-based analysis of microarray experimental error and normalisation
ligation of high-melting-temperature clamp sequence extends the scanning range of rare point-mutational analysis by constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis (c..
a chemical enucleation method for the transfer of mitochondrial dna to ° cells
regionalized gc content of template dna as a predictor of pcr success
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