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structural variations and stabilising modifications of synthetic sirnas in mammalian cells
insight into the mechanism of the peptide-based gene delivery system mpg: implications for delivery of sirna into mammalian cells
syntheses and structural studies of calix[4]arene-nucleoside and calix[4]arene-oligonucleotide hybrids
transcriptional regulation of the human mip-1 promoter by runx1 and moz
effect of dna bases and backbone on 70 holoenzyme binding and isomerization using fork junction probes
the phage t4 restriction endoribonuclease regb: a cyclizing enzyme that requires two histidines to be fully active
steric inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 tat-dependent trans-activation in vitro and in cells by oligonucleotides containing 2‘-o-methyl g-clamp ri..
overexpression of fabp7 in down syndrome fetal brains is associated with pknox1 gene-dosage imbalance
domain mapping of escherichia coli recq defines the roles of conserved n- and c-terminal regions in the recq family
uva-induced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers form predominantly at thymine-thymine dipyrimidines and correlate with the mutation spectrum in rodent cells
faithful expression of a tagged fugu wt1 protein from a genomic transgene in zebrafish: efficient splicing of pufferfish genes in zebrafish but not mice
purification and characterisation of a novel dna methyltransferase, m.ahdi
solution structure of the influenza a virus crna promoter: implications for differential recognition of viral promoter structures by rna-dependent rna polymerase
spine 2: a system for collaborative structural proteomics within a federated database framework
integrated functional and bioinformatics approach for the identification and experimental verification of rna signals: application to hiv-1 ins
the role of intercalating residues in chromosomal high-mobility-group protein dna binding, bending and specificity
tertiary structure base pairs between d- and tc-loops of escherichia coli trnaleu play important roles in both aminoacylation and editing
the drosophila corto protein interacts with polycomb-group proteins and the gaga factor
optimisation of the 10-23 dnazyme-substrate pairing interactions enhanced rna cleavage activity at purine-cytosine target sites
experimental and computational analysis of transcriptional start sites in the cyanobacterium prochlorococcus med
zbp-89 represses vimentin gene transcription by interacting with the transcriptional activator, sp
a new member of the mcm protein family encoded by the human mcm8 gene, located contrapodal to gcd10 at chromosome band 20p12.3-1
exploring the repertoire of rna secondary motifs using graph theory; implications for rna design
specific interactions of distamycin with g-quadruplex dna
a novel engineered meganuclease induces homologous recombination in yeast and mammalian cells
efficient clustering of large est data sets on parallel computers
difference in conformational diversity between nucleic acids with a six-membered sugar unit and natural furanose nucleic acids
human activation-induced cytidine deaminase causes transcription-dependent, strand-biased c to u deaminations
genomic dna of nostoc commune (cyanobacteria) becomes covalently modified during long-term (decades) desiccation but is protected from oxidative damage and degradat..
bimodal interaction between replication-protein a and dna2 is critical for dna2 function both in vivo and in vitro
identification of novel co-repressor molecules for interferon regulatory factor-
a dna spiegelmer to staphylococcal enterotoxin b
yeast ume6p repressor permits activator binding but restricts tbp binding at the hop1 promoter
the c-terminal domain of escherichia coli muty is involved in dna binding and glycosylase activities
single-chain tet transregulators
oligoarray 2.0: design of oligonucleotide probes for dna microarrays using a thermodynamic approach
specific interaction of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein a1 with the -219t allelic form modulates apoe promoter activity
the nicking homing endonuclease i-basi is encoded by a group i intron in the dna polymerase gene of the bacillus thuringiensis phage bastille
sequence analysis of three mitochondrial dna molecules reveals interesting differences among saccharomyces yeasts
cc rnase: the ceratitis capitata ortholog of a novel highly conserved protein family in metazoans
transcription of mouse dna methyltransferase 1 (dnmt1) is regulated by both e2f-rb-hdac-dependent and -independent pathways
the sv40 t antigen modulates cbp histone acetyltransferase activity
histone deacetylase inhibition is associated with transcriptional repression of the hmga2 gene
inter-strand photoproducts are produced in high yield within a-dna exposed to uvc radiation
inactivation of the nod box distal half-site allows tetrameric nodd to activate noda transcription in an inducer-independent manner
the upf-dependent decay of wild-type ppr1 mrna depends on its 5‘-utr and first 92 orf nucleotides
characterization of the 2‘-5‘-oligoadenylate synthetase ubiquitin-like family
ribosomes stalling on uorf1 in the xenopus cx41 5‘ utr inhibit downstream translation initiation
comparison of different antisense strategies in mammalian cells using locked nucleic acids, 2‘-o-methyl rna, phosphorothioates and small interfering rna
alternatively spliced isoforms of the human constitutive androstane receptor
canonical nucleosides can be utilized by t4 dna ligase as universal template bases at ligation junctions
n-terminus of hmlh1 confers interaction of hmutl and hmutlß with hmuts
peptidyl-trna hydrolase from sulfolobus solfataricus
the acidic c-terminal domain and a-box of hmgb-1 regulates p53-mediated transcription
stimulation of tat-independent transcriptional processivity from the hiv-1 ltr promoter by matrix attachment regions
nuclear matrix association of the human ß-globin locus utilizing a novel approach to quantitative real-time pcr
triplex formation with 2‘-o,4‘-c-ethylene-bridged nucleic acids (ena) having c3‘-endo conformation at physiological ph
dna binding properties of the adenovirus dna replication priming protein ptp
a novel helper phage that improves phage display selection efficiency by preventing the amplification of phages without recombinant protein
use of a three-color cdna microarray platform to measure and control support-bound probe for improved data quality and reproducibility
precise determination of mitochondrial dna copy number in human skeletal and cardiac muscle by a pcr-based assay: lack of change of copy number with age
a novel multiplex quantitative dna array based pcr (mqda-pcr) for quantification of transgenic maize in food and feed
maldi mass spectrometry analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms by photocleavage and charge-tagging
in vitro analysis of nuclear mrna export using molecular beacons for target detection
an automated microplate-based method for monitoring dna strand breaks in plasmids and bacterial artificial chromosomes
genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms directly from genomic dna by invasive cleavage reaction on microspheres
optimization of high-density cdna-microarray protocols by design of experiments
t-linker-specific ligation pcr (t-linker pcr): an advanced pcr technique for chromosome walking or for isolation of tagged dna ends
conditional human vegf-mediated vascularization in chicken embryos using a novel temperature-inducible gene regulation (tigr) system
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