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stimulation of d-loop formation by polypurine/polypyrimidine sequences
genome instability in rad54 mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae
ribonuclease inhibitor as an intracellular sentry
identification of pseudogenes in the drosophila melanogaster genome
synapsis and strand exchange in the resolution and dna inversion reactions catalysed by the ß recombinase
stability of 2‘-deoxyxanthosine in dna
mismatch repair activity in mammalian mitochondria
dna curvature at a tracts containing a non-polar thymine mimic
a novel algorithm for computational identification of contaminated est libraries
biopolymer chain elasticity: a novel concept and a least deformation energy principle predicts backbone and overall folding of dna ttt hairpins in agreement with nm..
dna tri- and tetra-loops and rna tetra-loops hairpins fold as elastic biopolymer chains in agreement with pdb coordinates
reciprocal regulation of expression of the human adenosine 5‘-triphosphate binding cassette, sub-family a, transporter 2 (abca2) promoter by the early growth respo..
small worlds in rna structures
molecular evolution of eukaryotic genomes: hemiascomycetous yeast spliceosomal introns
a small nuclear rna, hdm365, is the major processing product of the human mdm2 gene
characterization of arabidopsis thaliana ortholog of the human breast cancer susceptibility gene 1: atbrca1, strongly induced by gamma rays
structural transition from antiparallel to parallel g-quadruplex of d(g4t4g4) induced by ca2+
gene conversion tracts in saccharomyces cerevisiae can be extremely short and highly directional
expression of tetanus toxin fragment c in tobacco chloroplasts
ß-globin locus control region hs2 and hs3 interact structurally and functionally
identification of high excision capacity for 5-hydroxymethyluracil mispaired with guanine in dna of escherichia coli mutm, nei and nth dna glycosylases
translational nonsense codon suppression as indicator for functional pre-trna splicing in transformed arabidopsis hypocotyl-derived calli
dna crosslinking and biological activity of a hairpin polyamide-chlorambucil conjugate
a single-nucleotide natural variation (u4 to c4) in an influenza a virus promoter exhibits a large structural change: implications for differential viral rna synthe..
rap1p and other transcriptional regulators can function in defining distinct domains of gene expression
evolution of transcription factors and the gene regulatory network in escherichia coli
atidb: arabidopsis thaliana insertion database
protein-protein interaction map for yeast tfiid
mutations in the histone fold domain of the taf12 gene show synthetic lethality with the taf1 gene lacking the taf n-terminal domain (tand) by different mechanisms ..
a promoter activity is present in the dna sequence corresponding to the hepatitis c virus 5‘ utr
inhibition of human papilloma virus e2 dna binding protein by covalently linked polyamides
characterization of the human ß-globin downstream promoter region
smad proteins regulate transcriptional induction of the sm22 gene by tgf-ß
discrimination among individual watson-crick base pairs at the termini of single dna hairpin molecules
hybridization kinetics and thermodynamics of molecular beacons
structural effect of the anticancer agent 6-thioguanine on duplex dna
structural divergence of chromosomal segments that arose from successive duplication events in the arabidopsis genome
limited repair of 8-hydroxy-7,8-dihydroguanine residues in human testicular cells
a ca2+-induced mitochondrial permeability transition causes complete release of rat liver endonuclease g activity from its exclusive location within the mitochondri..
the pre-ribosomal network
conservation of structure and function among tyrosine recombinases: homology-based modeling of the lambda integrase core-binding domain
site-specific protein modification to identify the mutl interface of muth
genetic requirements for the targeted integration of agrobacterium t-dna in saccharomyces cerevisiae
selective inhibition of transcription of the ets2 gene in prostate cancer cells by a triplex-forming oligonucleotide
crystal structure of the complementary quadruplex formed by d(gcatgct) at atomic resolution
does the hiv-1 primer activation signal interact with trna3lys during the initiation of reverse transcription?
analysis of vir protein translocation from agrobacterium tumefaciens using saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model: evidence for transport of a novel effector protein v..
binding of l7ae protein to the k-turn of archaeal snornas: a shared rna binding motif for c/d and h/aca box snornas in archaea
novel mitosis-specific phosphorylation of histone h3 at thr11 mediated by dlk/zip kinase
infection by mycoplasma hyorhinis strongly enhances uptake of antisense oligonucleotides: a reassessment of receptor-mediated endocytosis in the hepg2 cell line
sir2p suppresses recombination of replication forks stalled at the replication fork barrier of ribosomal dna in saccharomyces cerevisiae
early growth response proteins (egr) and nuclear factors of activated t cells (nfat) form heterodimers and regulate proinflammatory cytokine gene expression
cloning of human centromeres by transformation-associated recombination in yeast and generation of functional human artificial chromosomes
new role of zcry and zper2 as regulators of sub-cellular distributions of zclock and zbmal proteins
improving the performance of domainparser for structural domain partition using neural network
in vivo tumor growth inhibition and biodistribution studies of locked nucleic acid (lna) antisense oligonucleotides
functional consequences of mutations in the conserved sf2 motifs and post-translational phosphorylation of the csb protein
taq dna polymerase slippage mutation rates measured by pcr and quasi-likelihood analysis: (ca/gt)n and (a/t)n microsatellites
sirnas generated by recombinant human dicer induce specific and significant but target site-independent gene silencing in human cells
a mini-rna containing the tetraloop, wobble-pair and loop e motifs of the central conserved region of potato spindle tuber viroid is processed into a minicircle
the fcp1 phosphatase interacts with rna polymerase ii and with mep50 a component of the methylosome complex involved in the assembly of snrnp
tams technology for simple and efficient in vitro site-directed mutagenesis and mutant screening
rapid generation of inducible mouse mutants
directly labeled mrna produces highly precise and unbiased differential gene expression data
three color cdna microarrays: quantitative assessment through the use of fluorescein-labeled probes
summaries of affymetrix genechip probe level data
a yeast-based growth assay for the analysis of site-specific proteases
detection and analysis of spliced chimeric mrnas in sequence databanks
identification and removal of contaminating fluorescence from commercial and in-house printed dna microarrays
single base extension (sbe) with proofreading polymerases and phosphorothioate primers: improved fidelity in single-substrate assays
efficient incorporation of coa, nad and fad into rna by in vitro transcription
single primer amplification (spa) of cdna for microarray expression analysis
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