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testosterone suppresses protective responses of the liver to blood-stage malaria
differences in patterns of infection and inflammation for corticosteroid treatment and chemotherapy in experimental invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
opsonic requirements for dendritic cell-mediated responses to cryptococcus neoformans
interleukin-17/interleukin-17 receptor-mediated signaling is important for generation of an optimal polymorphonuclear response against toxoplasma gondii infection
intercellular adhesion molecule 1-dependent activation of interleukin 8 expression in candida albicans-infected human gingival epithelial cells
detection of gliotoxin in experimental and human aspergillosis
babesia divergens and plasmodium falciparum use common receptors, glycophorins a and b, to invade the human red blood cell
role of cd44 and its v7 isoform in staphylococcal enterotoxin b-induced toxic shock: cd44 deficiency on hepatic mononuclear cells leads to reduced activation-induce..
sipa, sopa, sopb, sopd, and sope2 contribute to salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium invasion of epithelial cells
nf-b activation during rickettsia rickettsii infection of endothelial cells involves the activation of catalytic ib kinases ikk and ikk and phosphorylation-proteoly..
transient neutralization of tumor necrosis factor alpha can produce a chronic fungal infection in an immunocompetent host: potential role of immature dendritic cells
downregulation of mitogen-activated protein kinases by the bordetella bronchiseptica type iii secretion system leads to attenuated nonclassical macrophage activation
the cytolethal distending toxin induces receptor activator of nf-b ligand expression in human gingival fibroblasts and periodontal ligament cells
dendritic cells activated with products released by schistosome larvae drive th2-type immune responses, which can be inhibited by manipulation of cd40 costimulation
ccl20/macrophage inflammatory protein 3 and tumor necrosis factor alpha production by primary uterine epithelial cells in response to treatment with lipopolysacchar..
cytolethal distending toxin from shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli o157 causes irreversible g2/m arrest, inhibition of proliferation, and death of human endoth..
characterization of an exos type iii translocation-resistant cell line
truncated internalin a and asymptomatic listeria monocytogenes carriage: in vivo investigation by allelic exchange
an immunoreactive 38-kilodalton protein of ehrlichia canis shares structural homology and iron-binding capacity with the ferric ion-binding protein family
osmolarity, a key environmental signal controlling expression of leptospiral proteins liga and ligb and the extracellular release of liga
ehrlichia chaffeensis expresses macrophage- and tick cell-specific 28-kilodalton outer membrane proteins
the pathogenesis of fatal outcome in murine pulmonary aspergillosis depends on the neutrophil depletion strategy
transcriptional adaptation of shigella flexneri during infection of macrophages and epithelial cells: insights into the strategies of a cytosolic bacterial pathogen
molecular aspects of biogenesis of escherichia coli dr fimbriae: characterization of drab-drae complexes
anaplasma phagocytophilum modulates gp91phox gene expression through altered interferon regulatory factor 1 and pu.1 levels and binding of ccaat displacement protein
trigger factor in streptococcus mutans is involved in stress tolerance, competence development, and biofilm formation
enzymes involved in anaerobic respiration appear to play a role in actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae virulence
association of a major protein antigen of mycoplasma arthritidis with virulence
contribution of the helicobacter pylori thiol peroxidase bacterioferritin comigratory protein to oxidative stress resistance and host colonization
effect of inactivation of degs on salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium in vitro and in vivo
comparative analysis of the roles of htra-like surface proteases in two virulent staphylococcus aureus strains
functional regions of the pseudomonas aeruginosa cytotoxin exou
critical proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory functions of different subsets of cd1d-restricted natural killer t cells during trypanosoma cruzi infection
a mutation in the sap operon attenuates survival of nontypeable haemophilus influenzae in a chinchilla model of otitis media
atypical cpb2 genes, encoding beta2-toxin in clostridium perfringens isolates of nonporcine origin
role of espa and intimin in expression of proinflammatory cytokines from enterocytes and lymphocytes by rabbit enteropathogenic escherichia coli-infected rabbits
induction of host matrix metalloproteinases by borrelia burgdorferi differs in human and murine lyme arthritis
thioredoxin peroxidase secreted by fasciola hepatica induces the alternative activation of macrophages
acute-phase concentrations of lipopolysaccharide (lps)-binding protein inhibit innate immune cell activation by different lps chemotypes via different mechanisms
upregulation of intercellular adhesion molecule 1 and proinflammatory cytokines by the major surface proteins of treponema maltophilum and treponema lecithinolyticu..
enhanced immunoglobulin a response and protection against salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium in the absence of the substance p receptor
salmonella pathogenicity island 2-mediated overexpression of chimeric ssph2 proteins for simultaneous induction of antigen-specific cd4 and cd8 t cells
differential roles of toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in in vitro responses of macrophages to legionella pneumophila
the trans-sialidase from trypanosoma cruzi induces thrombocytopenia during acute chagas' disease by reducing the platelet sialic acid contents
chemokine expression in the monocytic cell line thp-1 in response to purified shiga toxin 1 and/or lipopolysaccharides
pasteurella multocida toxin activates human monocyte-derived and murine bone marrow-derived dendritic cells in vitro but suppresses antibody production in vivo
abundant secretion of bioactive interleukin-1 by human macrophages induced by actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans leukotoxin
cxcr3 and its ligands participate in the host response to bordetella bronchiseptica infection of the mouse respiratory tract but are not required for clearance of b..
virulent shigella flexneri causes damage to mitochondria and triggers necrosis in infected human monocyte-derived macrophages
allele specificity of naturally acquired antibody responses against plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1
differential activation of the transcription factor cyclic amp response element binding protein (creb) in macrophages following infection with pathogenic and nonpat..
mucosal foxp3-expressing cd4+ cd25high regulatory t cells in helicobacter pylori-infected patients
central role of toll-like receptor 4 signaling and host defense in experimental pneumonia caused by gram-negative bacteria
shiga-toxigenic escherichia coli-inoculated neonatal piglets develop kidney lesions that are comparable to those in humans with hemolytic-uremic syndrome
chlamydia pneumoniae enhances cytokine-stimulated human monocyte matrix metalloproteinases through a prostaglandin e2-dependent mechanism
fungal metabolite gliotoxin targets flavocytochrome b558 in the activation of the human neutrophil nadph oxidase
relative contributions of innate and acquired host responses to bacterial control and arthritis development in lyme disease
tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 regulates resistance to infection
a mutant of staphylococcal enterotoxin c devoid of bacterial superantigenic activity elicits a th2 immune response for protection against staphylococcus aureus infe..
gamma interferon and monophosphoryl lipid a-trehalose dicorynomycolate are efficient adjuvants for mycobacterium tuberculosis multivalent acellular vaccine
construction and characterization of bivalent shigella flexneri 2a vaccine strains sc608(pcfai) and sc608(pcfai/ltb) that express antigens from enterotoxigenic esch..
depletion of complement has distinct effects on the primary and secondary antibody responses to a conjugate of pneumococcal serotype 14 capsular polysaccharide and ..
both innate immunity and type 1 humoral immunity to streptococcus pneumoniae are mediated by myd88 but differ in their relative levels of dependence on toll-like re..
a peptide mimotope of type 8 pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide induces a protective immune response in mice
optimization of salmonella enterica serovar typhi aroc ssav derivatives as vehicles for delivering heterologous antigens by chromosomal integration and in vivo indu..
kinetics and avidity of antibodies evoked by heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines pnccrm and pncompc in the finnish otitis media vaccine trial
the clinical-grade 42-kilodalton fragment of merozoite surface protein 1 of plasmodium falciparum strain fvo expressed in escherichia coli protects aotus nancymai a..
interaction and cellular localization of the human host defense peptide ll-37 with lung epithelial cells
vaccination with purified dr fimbriae reduces mortality associated with chronic urinary tract infection due to escherichia coli bearing dr adhesin
reduced local growth and spread but preserved pathogenicity of a purc mycobacterium tuberculosis auxotrophic mutant in gamma interferon receptor-deficient mice afte..
invasiveness of serotypes and clones of streptococcus pneumoniae among children in finland
use of phage display to identify potential pseudomonas aeruginosa gene products relevant to early cystic fibrosis airway infections
enterococcus faecalis mammalian virulence-related factors exhibit potent pathogenicity in the arabidopsis thaliana plant model
replication dynamics of mycobacterium tuberculosis in chronically infected mice
development of a chinchilla model to allow direct, continuous, biophotonic imaging of bioluminescent nontypeable haemophilus influenzae during experimental otitis m..
chitinase and fizz family members are a generalized feature of nematode infection with selective upregulation of ym1 and fizz1 by antigen-presenting cells
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